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  1. Some people are spreading rumor that you guys are couple, is that true? xD
  2. Will they start a different website before launch? Or there will be a single website only?
  3. Atleast tell us when skylore is going to launch ( you can pm me it will be kept secret)
  4. Lashabi


    That's true..but everything has good and bad sides That doesn't mean that I am supporting vpn purchasing, I just want a clear reason behind this prohibition
  5. Lashabi


    Then there are many developing nations (including mine) have higher mcoin price than Russia (maybe China too I don't know exactly) and if you compare their GDP, Russia has better condition.
  6. They are adding more slots which can be unlocked using mcoin.. read release note
  7. Before leaving ,can you share your real life photos please?
  8. Lashabi


    Don't get me wrong,I just wanna know if aigrind sets different price for different countries, is this player's fault to buy mcoins where it is cheaper??
  9. AIGRIND will lose a precious jewel...anyway, good luck
  10. Amp my staff +10 with 1 set only90
  11. Technopolis hard is even harder than heroic, I could not do it without the help of omercix
  12. Those people who are lv 20 have some purpose to stay at that purpose. Most of them have high level alternate character to farm gold.
  13. Include me too ( wait, let me find free time from my busy schedule xD)
  14. @Higgings these rings seems arena reward but I am highly suspecious because accessories have solidity stat too
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