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  1. There is a difference between "100%" and "100% MORE ". In case of gp and ap we get "100% more= X2" i.e. double and for skill cd it is 100% = complete cd time covering i.e. 0 sec cd.
  2. Then why has hunter 3 crowd control skills? Tell me
  3. That's the only thing I liked in this whole update
  4. @Reivenorik how many people are currently working in development team?
  5. They are totally unwilling to discuss anything about it.
  6. And that's how more than 50% players decayed
  7. Use immunity skill while druid uses stun
  8. He already left aigrind But you can peek a bit in their work to know whats going on (atleast you can do for us)
  9. So that means a completely different team working on this project?
  10. @Reivenorik any news about skylore ? It's been months we got no news about it.
  11. That's a suggestion only, it may have bad or good sides..don't take it hard
  12. I would like to add one more point. There should be a price limit for every item (if possible, mcoin items only). For instance, any seller can't put a piece of repair more than 800g in the secondary dealer.
  13. This war thing completely depends on server players. Yes, players' mentality in participating war plays a major role role here. Before the starting of war,most of the MCs think that it is definite lose, so they decide to log their elf character and take part in the other side. The skills of the classes are really controversial but I don't want to start with it. Strategy with team cooperation is always proved to be the key of success. P.S: I saw in many threads that wardens are the reason behind the win of sentinels. IMO not focusing them will be smart move. But but but .......HIT
  14. Instead of nerfing them ,we can expect a pretty buff of necro and priest skills...and yeah seeker too..they need some love
  15. Lol those are mcoin items..if devs add those items as drops they will lose much money . So it's a no no suggestion
  16. Vla your friends are really naughty
  17. @Cardinal it is started again
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