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  1. That's the reality....pay or stay behind
  2. Are u nuts? If they add o2 in normal shops then how can they earn money?
  3. The matter of fact is that when devs develop or test new contents they use modded chars (like high def, immortality like stuff),that's why they can't understand where the real struggle is.
  4. Devs reduced the price of scrolls which are rewarded from 90k 200k quests (from 256 gold to 58 gold)....nice work.. u guys definitely deserve 1 star in play store.
  5. I don't think this is translated Come at high lvl ...u will see real picture
  6. Lashabi

    drop info

    Eh...mistake was made
  7. Lashabi

    drop info

    You guys should officially inform other players about this drop change
  8. Or he just tried to manipulate people to think such experiment so that people can spend more life scroll and pots (more $$$).
  9. @Reivenorik how about contenders accessories batman?
  10. Did devs remove contenders accessories permanently?
  11. After this update , i dont think necro will can resurrect my interest in game
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