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  1. Devs should introduce solo dungeons in main-land
  2. Come on it's just a game not a business to leave after spending years and money. People will see the graphics and gameplay and WILL shift to it. Mark my words And after the release ws world chat will be flooded with "SELL THIS ACCOUNT PM".
  3. The annoying part in the skylore is the item durability loss thing but after release it WILL eat up many ws players
  4. At least make signs available in dungeons...it will encourage all players to run dungeon (even 1 pc sign ) because only 1 way f2p players get sign in-game is from guild tournament.
  5. They should have made a post in international level, don't know why they limited such important information to Russian forums only.
  6. One more thing, if we don't evaluate the dmg increase from harad shield, then do bd deal more dmg than seeker (if they have exact equipments) because bd have 40% aa DMG (4% DMG buff from elf class) while seeker have 25%
  7. @Zurp which daggers do you prefer most for seeker? Spring dg with 5% bonus or spring craft with 2.5% bonus or any other knives (or 2h )?
  8. Will it be open for everyone or just like other craft profession (need craft levels for start)?
  9. Yeah...crafted accessories gives better stats...I think it is planned because it makes the craft profession valid, otherwise people would wait for winter event just to get %-ile accessories making craft profession useless
  10. No that's not I meant to say...a warden always needs support in elm But it's much easier than mcs..that's what I learnt from my warden friends months ago
  11. Sorry but many players aren't lucky as you mate..and high level guilds have tendency to recruit op players only...I m just saying without any buffs I used to have this misconception before...then I saw it myself
  12. But sustaining Mana will be problematic for hunter because all expert skills are active and already have Mana/sec skill.....same thing applies to seeker too (even more Mana consumption😞)
  13. That's the in-game scenario btw....who will want to play mc side and run dungeons (and wait for a party to make) where 5 mages can spam dungeon faster, going solo bosses and quests.
  14. Or maybe some rework on Mana Regen system? Or winter gears?
  15. It actually a bit difficult to players with low quality/non-vamp gears to maintain the hp of himself..specially in high lvl boss and dgs
  16. Seekers already had Mana shortage problems...increasing the Mana cost/second in exaberation skill will create problem...attack speed and shield buff are good though..but expecting something more....bcoz ranger and rogue got pretty good buff Healers will be active again
  17. Finally you are able to see the real truth
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