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  1. Everything is cheap at eu-mc..This is great
  2. The game will be a sure flop if there won't be any character customization..Those animals belong to jungle,not in battlefield
  3. Then economy may not be player driven...And i saw mobs drop gears !!!!! That skill tree looks interesting,but hate the warrior with tails
  4. Here https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/59690-20170703-вопросы-и-ответы-про-skylore/#comment-1037429 Already a running post in russian section
  5. Why devs hide such great thing from us ? A dedicated forum would be great (and beta too)
  6. Is SKYLORE ONLINE a new 2.5D rpg game by Aigrind? I saw its gameplay in youtube. Please any official member confirm it that it Is really coming or not.
  7. People are really mad about this right now
  8. Is market (and summon hall also) available for those guilds which are not able to capture castle?
  9. It's more than 2 months since devs teased about new castle update...I think we need another sneek peek about the upcoming update
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