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  1. 1 hour ago, Higgings said:


    Remove that much resistence they've got and I'm more than fine with the other stuff, included the damage; a class in PvP shall be counterable by exploiting its weak points... hard to do, if that class has got no weak points. 

    Devs are trying to cover up weak points...atleast every skill reworking update says so

  2. 10 hours ago, Bladesharp said:


    Hello my name are swagarhero from the themercer guild. Im Indian from india, pls my forgiv englis. Why are nerf bd again i ask? i was kiil evryone with counter attack with one press button but not can now. why!?? Mc becom more n more stronk evry updat but bd make gay. I was not can kill mc now so now mi wife left. she say she will make mc char and marri a shaman coz they big dmg heal. She say my pp smol coz me not can rush 7 yrds like before. My guild stealing my leader rank and give to chinese becaus more dmg than me. Again u ask for nerf bd. Where is justice in game? Gm pls u are make bd moar gay every update mc kill me 1 hit. Pls help.

    Ye ganja jo tumne phooka hai wo mujhe bhi chahiye

  3. Just now, Speedom said:

    Remind me of Seeker Passive, Inner Rage.:haha:

    These skills should be renamed as "INNER FRUSTRATION"

    2 minutes ago, Raislin said:

    Here's how to make bd skill "balanced".


    1st: Get rid of the stacks, not needed.


    2nd: Just make it a copy of barbarian nature.


    Nobody will complain.


    Maybe remove rush resist too since ideally you'd combo this new skill with rush to resist stuns and catch ppl fast instead of being able to have both. Just my 2 cents.

    I have better idea that devs might like about bds new skill......make it passive skill :troll_face1:

  4. 4 hours ago, Zurp said:

    Added new skill Attack Instinct. 

    Is it worth lvling up? All I can say that it will  be useful only in techno dungeons

  5. 18 hours ago, Mecha said:

    It's been years since I have played this game. I miss all the fun I used to have with it, and all the memories made along the way. Lately I've been very tempted to start playing again. There were many reasons as to why I stopped playing Warspear, but the main reason was my health. I was having some health issues and I was in so much pain constantly. There was just no way I could play a game that requires a lot of time and dedication being in that much pain. But now, after dealing with that crap for so long, it's finally over. I have my health back and the recovery went great. I installed Warspear just to test my new stream software with an online game, and man it's so much better than the garbage I was using before. To be honest, I kind of want to come back to Warspear, and I do want to make Warspear content again. However, doing the episodic-type of videos is not really the thing I want to do with this game. I just want to play the game and have fun and stream it as I go along. Maybe, just maybe, I will return permanently.

    You are always welcome buddy

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