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  1. I made the costume inspired by a design that I created
  2. Nick: Ofuscante Server: TU - Tourmaline Masterful Succumbed. the costume is a tunic of fabric with details on the shoulders made of a rigid material and blue crystals that demonstrate the sovereignty of the magician, a mask that resembles the appearance of a samurai covers the face, above the eyes has a crystal that stores all power that the magistral obtained during his life. The masterful was the master of a school for magicians in a remote region hitherto unknown in Arinar. He was always fascinated by magic. Once, while exploring a dungeon, he found a mask that caught his attention, he could hardly wait for him, who at that moment had already succumbed to the mask that entered his mind forcing him to use it. As soon as the master used the mask, he revolted against his students and defeated them. The succumbed master had a purpose of bringing all Arinar to chaos, but he was prevented by an ancestral craftsman who, during the fight, put a crystal granted by the gods in the head of the master who soon afterwards fell to the ground with his power and his soul imprisoned in the crystal. yellow over your head.
  3. Why do not you have a choice of skin color in warspear? All rpg games I know you can choose the skin color :(
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