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  1. what happen to arena point.? it become half after maintenance. its bug or what.? winner should get +40 and looser should get +8 at lvl 17, but now it became +20 and +4.
  2. update.? no.? hope no :unknw: dont make a suprise update coz some of us already make a plan with our arena point before it change to gold.. maybe someone out there only need 10 more arena point to buy first arena weapon in warspear life.. update on time as promise. not to late not to early. ON TIME :diablo:
  3. if im 1 of them (devs) i will think how to make player "feel fun to use money for this game", not "use money to feel fun with this game".
  4. this is first time i can say great update :good: but cant say more until update release. 100% agree with what he said. if this not in dev planing, this game will be as same as old time. "RICH WILL WIN" THINK ABOUT THIS......
  5. ahhh yeah. u right. ;D may stop, not will stop. :good: how could i miss that word. :wacko:
  6. anything wrong with that.? im shaman, do parry attack since before update. so that's not bug. :unknw:
  7. wew. :crazy: only negative comment. surely it is bad update :lol:
  8. in arena im sure warlock will be a first target to kill. ;D
  9. "Dealing damage to the target may stop the skill effect" that what has write at that skill. that mean u cant attack him when use this skill on him, your opponents wake up very quickly coz after skill u hit him.. even at lvl5, will wake them up very quickly if get hit after skill. (maybe,, im not really sure coz my fear only at lvl 1.) with my experience, after skill than attack, it run only 1-2 step away but if after skill and not attack, it run far away. maybe someone with lvl5 can explain more how its work.
  10. WTF quest :wacko: 1 hit kill.. reward like a shit.
  11. :good: :good: :good: i agree with u, they all deserve to get it. u guys call them noob for whatt.? coz u all easy to kill them .? now they got good item, go kill them lets see who is noob now. :aggressive:
  12. who is newbe, who is old player if all use lvl 18 gear. old player hunt a day, week, month in lab to get lvl 18 item. now newbe can get lvl 18 item just by doing quest. that is not fair for old player.
  13. too many naked runner coz always die and no more gold or scroll to repair. so what is the point if get good item if u are only naked.? this update are totally suck. GambleSpear LuckSpear duckingSpear
  14. this game name WarSpear not GambleSpear or LuckSpear. that why they dont like it. play for luck.. WTF... maybe u can explain how to reach at where we want to go. fighting with hard boss its ok for us. but random teleport is ducking shit. its same as a blind man walking.
  15. JaaZ

    Bounty List

    how if player in bounty list not online.? most of them not online, how to kill them :unknw:
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