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  1. The Battle Pass seems sketchy. Definitely sounds like a huge pay to win. Still interested trying it.
  2. Wow 15k rep and 600 a day. That's gonna take 25 days to max it. Sheesh! How long is this event?
  3. Can't since it's good for war events. The developers are seeing the big picture. Look on bright side. In 1v1 scenario against Paladins, they can't use shield lol.
  4. So you're not gonna bring up BD? Ok I see what you did there.
  5. Don't forget about this. I'm really curious about the benefits getting this.
  6. Get them auto dmg buff stacks and you'll be an auto attack king.
  7. The new charmer can be very versatile as a tank, supporter, and a damager (thanks to the rework aoe). So many ideas. I like this build idea. Supporter and a damager.
  8. At this point, every stun skill is op(the halo ring stun) which is important for war.
  9. So the wolf transformation only works in the school? Because outside you can only transform into a bird.
  10. The spring weapon craft. Is it the same as last year or will be like snow event? 2 gear to make 1 piece. Also the increasein craft experience points?
  11. Welcome to every mana drain skills in the game where it relies on mana, regeneration, and specific gear with them attributes. Pros: increases stats & cool aura effects Cons: drains mana overtime per 2 sec. Cough* Nerf BD
  12. You need 50% solidity which is not hard to achieved as a tank. Tanking is a whole lot easier with that. Plus it'll make healers job easier in just in case you get cc and the high dmg player aggros.
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