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  1. Heavy armor, resist stacks, shield, aoe stun, hits harder than any class. Bladedancer can surpassed aoe stun and take out 3 players. Due to the population, that's an easy task to accomplish. Your class is broken.
  2. Speedom

    Debuff druid

    Get some resistance
  3. Guild stats such as critical dmg makes it more than just op also. Or else you wouldn't be landing that much dmg. Lol. Still an awesome skill
  4. To nerf something that gives DK a different style of tanking is tragic. The coolest tank in the game. Buff DK!
  5. Lol wow. You literally heal from the dmg you deal.
  6. Seen a dk with high lifesteal stats. It's mind blowing I'll say. (Hybrid build)
  7. They'll have to nerf paladins too
  8. Imagine with castle pots
  9. Should be able to cancel the skill using another skill. I think they'll be a good idea. Use it as counter measurement.
  10. You left out sorcerer costume inside the reputation chest. We didn't forget it's existence.
  11. Ok y'all really messed everything up. Schedule inaccurate, resetting in the middle of world event. Good job.
  12. This is a steal! We buy it then have to work hard to get such a small reward. The worst seasonal pass in gaming history!
  13. Miscalculation? Too much reputation points?
  14. Isn't bad? What drops are you getting and how many runs? I can open the 2 extra chest soon 3. Got a lot of useless pots in them. Like they're literally trash.
  15. These drop rate are not even 1% dawg. This event disappointed me.
  16. More resources for crafters. Other than that, pots and scrolls. The scrolls are useful. Costume drops are a joke as always.
  17. So nobody is gonna talk about solo dg drop rate? As we're experiencing now, just gonna be another dead dg added to the game.
  18. Sheesh, how are getting millions of gold to get these books?
  19. Speedom

    Debuff druid

    I can say that every class with a staff is op when they're in high lvl guild with unique stats.(especially with a lot of cooldown) Resist exist to counter them skills. (Rip pvp Warlocks) Very underrated stat. Try it.
  20. Speedom

    Rogue skills

    Rangers still can demolish a dodge rogue since you're referring to 1v1, thanks to their passive. Also, all healers can since they can sustain until rogue runs out of mana which is very fast. Rogues weakness: bow, cbow, and a staff.
  21. Hey um, developers. Your drop rate is trash. Increase it because this event is becoming boring really quick.
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