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  1. At this point, every stun skill is op(the halo ring stun) which is important for war.
  2. So the wolf transformation only works in the school? Because outside you can only transform into a bird.
  3. The spring weapon craft. Is it the same as last year or will be like snow event? 2 gear to make 1 piece. Also the increasein craft experience points?
  4. Welcome to every mana drain skills in the game where it relies on mana, regeneration, and specific gear with them attributes. Pros: increases stats & cool aura effects Cons: drains mana overtime per 2 sec. Cough* Nerf BD
  5. You need 50% solidity which is not hard to achieved as a tank. Tanking is a whole lot easier with that. Plus it'll make healers job easier in just in case you get cc and the high dmg player aggros.
  6. Some players still don't their class to the fullest.
  7. Paladins have Shield, HP Buff, Heal Buff, Defense Buff and Damage buff. Foj is a aoe debuff and a silence skill. Now harad call will be op.
  8. AT EASE!!!! These changes is gonna be a game changer. The game is more focus towards War, not 1v1. Legions getting more support and aoe skill which is well needed. Sentinels are dominating in all servers (majority) and I can all ready see Sentinels starting to have fear in their gaming little heart. War is easy win huh? Time for the old Legions to bring back the competition in war again.
  9. This game doesn't respect us.
  10. Depending on your gear. I don't recommend Swooping Army as your first skill since it barely does any dmg and it last only 3 seconds. Unless you trying to aggro mobs into you eagle eye. Clan's Help (passive) is the only expert skill that is decent at 1/4. It's a good stat booster skill. Cat Reflexes is ok at 1/4. If you have mana issues, I don't recommend buying it as a first skill. The others, are good when they're at 3/4. (Opinion)
  11. Should be soon for Spring Map. Or Blissful Island.
  12. Probably don't want to spend real money to buy a couple of book of oblivion just to for a forum…
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