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  1. Ah, I have reached it yet. Still lv29. Thanks for the info
  2. Ok so how do I get all them expert skill to 3/4? Thanks for the response though.
  3. Or applying bone shield to the skeleton creates a stronger one. Like a necro minion with a staff.
  4. I'll say with full +10, high heals, high def, max resil, max fero, non class expert skills, dmg reduction mermen gear skill and dmg reduction passive on a tank class. Well, you get the point. Good for a support role in arena. 1v1 idk, this game is not for 1v1.
  5. I like how the personal storage can ONLY SHARE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR STUFF BETWEEN YOUR OWN CHARACTERS (aka self-trade) SO NOBODY CAN ROB YOU. Thank you very much! By far the best beneficial update in years. Keep up with the good work.
  6. Out of topic, but when there's gonna be another season pass?
  7. It's worst with trading with a row of 5 with a full inventory. Speaking of which, will this update improve the trading system?
  8. Wait wait, so I can take gold from my Sentinel to Legion from my personal storage and same for gear? Or skill books?
  9. Personal storage. Perfect for crafters. Um some of us still have the event storage bags we cant use. Lol
  10. I'm sure people buying them books with real money and same for people who's buying gold to buy anything in the game. Freaking Warspear black market somewhere out there.
  11. Sheesh the money you put in this game. Anyway, how would you build a magic tank paladin? (1hand) Skill build also. Thanks
  12. It's a war skill, sheesh. Sentinel still dominate regardless. Once Legion makes some adjustment. Whine whine nerf nerf. Just throwing that out there. But yea, that totem is op when it's well used, just like any other heal expert skill.
  13. Kinda nice seeing Legions dominating like this against overpopulated Sentinels.
  14. I think poison shield should heal without the combo.
  15. I think the skill should spawn them without corpse. In addition, if there's any corpse, spawn a stronger skeletons.
  16. I agree, drop rate is trash in US Server. I've play EU and RUS for testing purpose. I'm seeing many players with mermen set. I know many have non class expert book. Seems like the majority of the unique rare drops are for them while they milking US server player's money.
  17. I agree. Attack speed build is better for endgame and very expensive.
  18. Yea and also you can do very nuke dmg with skills that can scale as the highest dmg in the game with relics and etc. So much potential many don't explore.
  19. Good skill depending on the scenario and how you use it.
  20. Auto build is such a dull braindead build honestly. Also it's the most expensive build and requires being in a high lvl guild. Expensive how? You need speed gear and accessories. There's 4 ways to build a good seeker that I can think of. However, with daggers build (not in a high lvl guild), it's strong enough at lv26.
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