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  1. The problem is that majority of these complaints are players with little to none knowledge on the class just because they seen a video.
  2. Yea honestly idk how you hit it so low. Makes me wonder if the dog with 50% resilience + 28% dmg reduction from Demonic Pact is tankier tha the charmer. How much dmg you deal to the charmer?
  3. With low defense you have, yes it is. Resilience is a stat booster for pvp survivability. However, defense still factor in your role. That's why mage max Armor and Barrier. Btw charmer summoning 5 dogs is not normal. It requires a sacrificial build
  4. And I don't blame them either. They'll eventually get tired of losing and make some changes to compete. It's all about the battle of skills and stats. This ain't the old Warspear when it's all about about defense, stuns and high power.
  5. So for full stun charmer: Basic skill they can max dogs and basic stun(3sec). Can be block, dodge and RESIST Expert aoe stun at 1/4 45% chance to 4/4 65% chance(3sec at max). Can be block, dodge, and RESIST Another expert is the passive that stacks up to 5 that is based on physical dmg. Then stacks takes awhile to reach. Can stun up to 5 sec. Can be block, dodge, and RESIST. The other is not a stun, it's a petrified skill that puts in a state to unable to be attack and vice versa. Can be RESIST Summary, if you let charmers stun you and you're using a mage, that is a problem for you not using your skill well or low in resist stats. Everyone in arena always go for the stuns to give them the hands with a finishing blow(pause). Due to the facts, charmers will use their basic stun first since it's guaranteed a success. If you avoid that, you can give him the good ole mage love taps. Besides, there's plenty of players that know their class ins and outs. Wouldn't hurt you to ask them how to pvp against a charmer.
  6. Oh yea most definitely they will. Realistically, only in wars and maybe dgs. I've seen rogues out dmg charmers
  7. I literally explain it how charmer call skill works according to the skill cooldown. You really think charmer can summon "5-7" dogs less than 30sec?
  8. Mage skill (Magic Ban) is much more stronger. What it does is not only remove the buffs, but it also shortens the duration of any new buffs that are applied. (i.e. just like the world event boss)
  9. Good thing that's not possible. They can only summon 1 before it start. Then the 2nd one before the battle. Keep in mind that 1st one with be still at the start. Their dmg output is mostly from there dogs (physical build). Hybrid build is so underrated with charmers. The Raven does more dmg with auto attack vs dogs physical. Plus, the bird keep the charmer alive. The downside is that the bird is squishy even with Pact skill. Removing that will make charmer useless in arena. That's why the latest rework added that for all summoner skills. Like I said before… Gotta look at the big picture.
  10. Cycling 6 requires massive amount of cooldowns. You need 70% just to keep 4. Also, that's sacrificing mana regeneration. The gear requires full cd set.
  11. Yup it's an easy add on to the game. Even though it'll take some time.
  12. Yea that'll be op with fero. I understand the pact skill due to the dog and bird dying to fast in both pvp and pve. Like what's the point of being a summoner class with your summons can't last in the battle field. If they take resil way, even though they just added it, that means all summoner skill will be useless in battle. That's including Druid, Necro, and Templar.
  13. Yea due to the needs of high lifesteal gear and being at least +9 to be sustainable when taking dmg for aoe dmg bosses. Chances that Warlocks might need 2 set gear in pve for solidity and lifesteal.
  14. Agree, Warlocks are underrated in pve. Their aoe debuffs and stun plays a key role for aggressive mobs. They can nullified enemies defensive and mana. However, it's an expensive class to mastered.
  15. Yea and Sentinels number was at equal this time.
  16. Speedom


    Just imagine Barbs with almost infinite 80% dmg reduction with every block lol.
  17. Every class have a counter part. In GVG or war, Templar is the the showcase in that situation. You have to explore different skills and strategies that will counter other classes. In US Sapphire server during war, Sentinels will use the guild summon with their push. This will aggro the Legion's dog attention for a secondary push. Idk about the other server, but US Sapphire players are very skillful in any scenario on both Legion and Sentinel. Plus Sentinel always win war.
  18. As I was, disregard
  19. I'm referring to what I see in this current picture and just giving some pointers. Going against 2 charmers in that situation will make it feels like a 3v6 from the start. This will require some tank in arena to aggro the dogs while taking out the others.
  20. Speedom


    That will make every tanking capability class in this game nearly immortal. Especially, Barbarians lol.
  21. Ya know I just noticed that you're making topic on every class you're struggling against. I'll see ya on the Warlock's Class Discussions.
  22. Only 1 dog left will be still there. It doesn't recharged the duration or reset it. It extended the remaining duration by 70% (4/4). Pretty much just for a few seconds. Since Pact is an expert skill, charmer will have to decide to stun or extend the dog duration that could be no where near by or attacking a different target. Even if the charmer redirect the dog attack. It'll disappear before it can reach ya due to the delay of using expert skill to another. For a summoner class, it's pretty weak without its dog or bird.
  23. That's because they build on High HP and blocks for their passive. Which i don't blame them lol. 100% agree to this. Make the timeand effort for crafting worthy to level
  24. You know charmers have that one skill that cause dogs to do nuke dmg. Also, that new stat included resil and fero to the dogs. So yea it's due to the problem of them dying too fast for war and GvG. It's not unbalanced since it is a summoner class. In addition, like @Drakoknight said, it's probably a physical charmer. (Btw I see 2 charmers) Now these days, 1 hand user can reach 1k dmg with 50% fero. Even though you have high resil, your def is still low. That makes it harder for any caster to pvp, especially mage close range skills. As for the dog, it under the new rework skill(Demonic Pact) buff that gives them dmg reduction, making them tanky. Here's a tip, full physical charmer rely more on dogs for dmg. In arena, if they're lucky to cast 2 dogs, just go brute force after casting Ennoblement(resist skill) before they can land a stun or cast another dog. Other than that, full physical will spam dogs as an intimidating tactic and sit in one spot. Once you take them out, it'll be an easy win as soon as they respawn. Another tip: Keeping dogs of the field long requires Great Continuous Relic and Demonic Pact(purple aura) skill. Once they're defeated. The duration of the dogs will shorten since the Pact skill is inactive. So if they have 3 on the field, 2 will disappear shortly afterwards.
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