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  1. He's tanking y'all low accuracy and critical build and he's +10 max block. For some reason mc always full crt. If you watch the vid, there was some much blocking lol. Plus he was using up pots to help him out too. Don't forget his aggro skill heals him a lil bit. The video is funny and you can't blame war loss because of this warden . Go attack some else. Mc have the best aoa combo. Charmer, lock: aoa stun... Necro,hunter: aoa fear. Yea elf have banner and mage but mc can shut that down easy. Lol funny post.
  2. I'll I can say that steam only heal the lowest hp. At 1/4 it heals almost the same as your magic dmg. Is it worth buying? Not really since it was nerf. However, the only use I can say its the "mana heal" to keep the quick kill going but only for the lowest hp warrior. In addition, it can help for harder dgs when one of you heavy hitter or any getting aoa dmg from strong boss and they don't have pots. You know the chances they'll have the lowest hp, BUT they have to be close to ya.
  3. I can guarantee you can.
  4. Lol we all know caster have the upper hand especially when they make the 1st move. Pro tanks are trucks. You outta move it or lose it I'll say this though, your build can beat this person build but won't beat that person build. Everyone build is depending on the scenario that trying to counter. Since most of us used the same build everyone use, it'll be easy to beat many player or be beaten because of the same play style.
  5. Lol you know there's only so so much skill points you can use. It's outta a tactical build, support, defense, or nuke aka powerhouse. Most rogues go powerhouse and going against a tactical skillful ranger is a lose battle. Tactical rogues are tricky. I beat powerhouse rogues easy with my pala but skillful one are the hardest.
  6. AnywayRanger skills are pretty darn good. Can kite melee easy with good timing.
  7. Well I was referring only to Ranger of how awesome they are. They are good at both pve and pvp that if you know how to use them and build them in the right scenario. However, hunter is another pro PvP mc class. They might get traps for their next incoming expert skill that root instead of immobilizing them.
  8. they still do.. A ranger with max bless and that 10 stack attack speed buff passive makes them the best.
  9. I play on droid and have no idea what y'all talking about. Unless you mean Google account...
  10. Wait Npc sell for 10k?
  11. Speedom


    Yes so I can use stealth and run 100% speed
  12. Not what I meant lol I should've word it differently.
  13. Gotta remember dk op passive skill too.
  14. Chance to miss, I agree. Seeker and rogues can miss on their skill also and that can affect both pve and pvp.
  15. New class expert skill update too? Sadly that's the only thing I care about..
  16. It was nerf because it recharged super fast with 3 stack of 100% dodge. But it's still a really good skill if you have dodge set
  17. Is it a free for all thing? Is there a guild castle alliance?
  18. Charmer is main is magic but if they get to pick, then pala and do should also
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