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  1. When 2 banner is in the play. The dmg increase because the target's def reduces. It doesn't show 2 stacks, but it shows the debuff, meaning that target will take increased dmg. I said banner can do 12k total dmg with the buffs I've mentioned including the critical dmg. In addition, with the stacks, 12k total dmg is reachable. Yes ive mentioned other classes aoe skills so their build can be beneficial to not just the flag, including construction targets. Yes Swooping army is a strong skill also. Many chief just don't know how to abuse it for certain events since majority of them are physical build for single target in pvp. That's not our problem. Last but not least. No one mentioned here banner should be nerf. I've stated previously that banner is fine where it's at. Why would I want a class I use to get nerf? That's a waist of time and money into it. Btw I don't need to give you proof. You just wanna see my paladin so you can stir up some drama in the game.
  2. Yes banner debuff can buff banner's dmg. I wasn't referring to the flag if you actually read what I typed. I was speaking in general. Sigh* Btw I do have a paladin. This 12k dmg, i didn't say anything about 12k dmg on the flag. Sigh*
  3. Resist: "I'm about to end you whole build career"
  4. I agree with swords because not everyone can +10 daggers to reach 1k dmg for endgame. Many are against this because of high amp Seekers. Realistically, they're not that strong without having high lvl guild buffs. All "pro Seekers" are in a high lvl guild.
  5. With guild buff, castle, pots, scrolls, and getting banner dmg buff from another banner. Definitely can reach supreme dmg. However, this topic is mainly about paladin damaging construction targets. I'm not against it at all. I still think it should be a fair play and allow other aoe skills to land dmg on them. Such as, Mage blaze, DK curse, Druid aoe root, shaman quake and etc. And buff the flag defense.
  6. I think the person mean in total dmg as banner was buffing banner to land 2k crits. Overall, canland 12k total dmg with 1 buffed up banner.
  7. Speedom

    Paper Skin

    Yea with endgame max block, it not as bad. But as low lvl f2p, it's all luck with blocks. There's not many low lvl options too. Unless there's a crafter who willing craft low lvl rings.
  8. Well,I like the idea. However, realistically, only the high lvl guild will get it
  9. You mad because of 1v1. The pvp system is broken. The topic is literally about you that can't 1v1 a Charmer will not be a logic reason for the suggestion. Developers and administrators will tell you the same thing with any other rants. If you can kill them, grab some friends to help you. If it's arena, grab a Warden to aggro the dogs. Good luck out there buddy.
  10. Speedom

    Paper Skin

    Nerfed because of pvp. Rip f2p pve barbs Kinda a lame excuse to nerf because of pvp. What a shame.
  11. Speedom

    Paper Skin

    Yep, and rip to f2p pve players Yea, Seekers need to speend $100s to be sustainable in pvp. That's including books. Other than that, with resist being the meta, Seekers are still a target easily to kite. In conclusion, these balances are due to pvp. Very very unnecessary nerfs. In addition, Devs never told us why they nerf these skills. A bit sus I'll say. What's funny is that Barbarian's Stone Skin is like the game of rock, paper and scissors. Stone skin is the paper that can take out huge dmg(from the rock). However, DoT snips the defense from sustaining heavy dmg (scissors). Btw, they even nerf Roar lol.
  12. Gonna need an island above Nadir for a castle there.
  13. Speedom

    Paper Skin

    The nerf is because of pvp. Just like every other skills.
  14. I believe the raid is where the AA mini boss are which is 3rd floor in the cave. Be nice to see some guild event in map 2 without a special event. As for castle, I still prefer your previous suggestion as for every guild having their own castle. Stuff like that requires devs to crank it up a notch with creativity.
  15. I really like this event because it gives Map 2 some love.
  16. Just admit that you don't know how to play this game or you can't afford to make an average BD and you need some guidance.
  17. This is exactly what I was saying. Prime example.
  18. Technically, shaman have 2 aoe totem.(debuff and heal) Fun Fact: Fire totem used to be aoe. Banner is fine as it is because paladins are aoe support class. The best support class in my opinion. Bad enough they got rid of foj debuff which wasn't necessary. Paladins are not a DD class, but with the right build, it can be which requires a huge sacrifice in their main role in the game.
  19. I thought the same thing until I run lab.
  20. Agree, they're are not in the same category. Paladins are support tanks. As for chiefs are damage dealers hybrids. Banner is fine as it is. No and that's why I brought it up is for every aoe or i all dmg capability skills can dmg the flag. I implemented this opinion to spice up the game. Everything is repetitive and limited in certain areas on the game. Arena is the only thing that needs to be looked at due to afks and etc. However, I'll paint another picture, mermen trials for those who don't have lv29 sea weapons. Give them chance to be usefull in terms of dmg. Like said, I speak in terms of all.
  21. I want ALL classes to be able to do alternative dmg on the flag. Obviously, this will require the flag to be buff in terms on def, hp or both. This will gives all players that have their own unique build to be useful Game already broken. Lets give more dumb ideas for pvp or gvg. Hopefully, everybody quits
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