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  1. Yea, high amped player would abused it. I mean, it happened before when people was bot farming that was blocking questers.
  2. Pros: Mana build is really good for 1 skill to do the highest dmg in the game. Cheap to to build for mana and mana regene. Can make make a target(s) take extra dmg. Great debuff class. Great for mobs that will make tankers love you long time. The coolest skill animation in the game in my opinion. Great in a group fight Cons: Very Squishy. +9 is recommended for endgame. Need 30% solidity at minimum(even with lifesteal gear). Struggle against anti cc build or skill characters in pvp. Not a beginner friendly character.
  3. Depends, now everyone have a resist in there gear for pvp. Lol
  4. I had this issue when I was using my Google Play $10 reward to buy $9.99 and it wouldn't let me. In addition, it's because of the taxes. So i had to buy cheaper, but less value amount of mcoins. However, if that's not the issue, check your payment methods.
  5. On top of low drop rate. But some do keep them for their next character.
  6. It's them games that have an auto feature to attack targets, spam skills and collect drops. It's a I'm too busy or trying to multi-task. It's 2022, I would like the game to get more linear to free to play players. Higher gold rewards. Quest that gives rewards that are from the mcoin shop. Lets keep new players and make them invite their friends. All I see is old players making many characters. I'm one of them
  7. Cheapest is maybe BD. Good for damage and sustainable defense which is fun as an all around character. Paladin is fun and can be cheap also. However, they don't deal much damage since they're mainly support. Priest is fun as a healer. Just need hp solidity gear which is cheap and very reliable for endgame.
  8. Death Call is very underrated. The fact that this skill can't be evade or resist. Combine this skill with curse and magic build, you can melt your target hp. In terms of pvp, war, you can keep a group stuck in a location as doing good dmg. Btw death call doesn't have a limited amount of targets.
  9. I love watching players who find a tremendous nuke builds and setups.
  10. Doubt them shutting down the game. It's the players that are not Russians that this game will lose. That's a lot players.
  11. Ok many gaming companies are blocking Russian server or having some form of discontinuing. Biggest fear is many long time of hard grinding players who put a huge investment into this game, will probably come to the end. If that were to happened with this game, are we guaranteed refunds? Since there could be a possibility this game will no longer be available outside of Russia Server, we all need to know this. Like this game is still in Google Play and Steam.
  12. US Sapp is the worst server for p2w. I've learned that recently. Maybe it's cheaper for p2w to get mermen is EU, but in US Sapp, it's 3-6million gold for 1 piece of mermen.
  13. Agree. Well i still haven't played a hunter. I'll make one in EU. Maybe I can enjoy the game there. Hopefully
  14. Wow, I'm in the wrong server. How's the English there?
  15. You sure about that? Lol For easy dg yes There's no way a tank with low solidity can tank any myth dg. Lol US Legions market. Go check it out. And you'll see armor that are worth 20k with the price of 40k-60k. Yea Sentinel side have a huge population since that makes sense.
  16. F2p friendly? Elaborate Lets paint a bigger picture. Now these days, if you can't 1stam dg, you're trash. Do low damage? You're noob. Can't tank due to low def and def stat? You're not getting inv, go tank lab. In general speaking, thee requirements are high demand for high performance in the game. You don't need skills to be "pro" in this game for both pve & pvp. You can't even grind for gears you want. 5 stam to get only resources or a different armor that's is 40k cheaper than the one you want. lol Are you fully a f2p player?
  17. You can only go so far as a F2p. Keep in mind F2p rely on mcoiners
  18. For clarification, many Deathknights won't be able to try out this build because this is purely a p2w build.
  19. Well, I advise anyone that want to play a real mmorpg with a great community to move to Final Fantasy XIV. It's on all platforms. If you're a mobile gamer, I recommend investing a console or start building a pc. The money you put into this game can go into something way better. Other than that. This topic is a waist of energy and concerns.
  20. Or subscription to suspicious products.
  21. Both, the link and the hopefully the free mcoin thingy is not a scam. Some of them works.
  22. Definitely! Resist plays a great role for endgame. Especially raids.
  23. Glad I'm the only one who have balls to bring up a point of view into this p2w game. Need more people like you. You can earn mcoins by doing a partnership on social gaming platforms with this game. Idk if it's still available, but that's the best opinion for f2p. Or that earn free mcoins thingy. This is probably the nicest thing I ever said here.
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