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  1. These drop rate are not even 1% dawg. This event disappointed me.
  2. More resources for crafters. Other than that, pots and scrolls. The scrolls are useful. Costume drops are a joke as always.
  3. So nobody is gonna talk about solo dg drop rate? As we're experiencing now, just gonna be another dead dg added to the game.
  4. Sheesh, how are getting millions of gold to get these books?
  5. Speedom

    Debuff druid

    I can say that every class with a staff is op when they're in high lvl guild with unique stats.(especially with a lot of cooldown) Resist exist to counter them skills. (Rip pvp Warlocks) Very underrated stat. Try it.
  6. Speedom

    Rogue skills

    Rangers still can demolish a dodge rogue since you're referring to 1v1, thanks to their passive. Also, all healers can since they can sustain until rogue runs out of mana which is very fast. Rogues weakness: bow, cbow, and a staff.
  7. Hey um, developers. Your drop rate is trash. Increase it because this event is becoming boring really quick.
  8. The Battle Pass seems sketchy. Definitely sounds like a huge pay to win. Still interested trying it.
  9. Wow 15k rep and 600 a day. That's gonna take 25 days to max it. Sheesh! How long is this event?
  10. Can't since it's good for war events. The developers are seeing the big picture. Look on bright side. In 1v1 scenario against Paladins, they can't use shield lol.
  11. So you're not gonna bring up BD? Ok I see what you did there.
  12. Don't forget about this. I'm really curious about the benefits getting this.
  13. Get them auto dmg buff stacks and you'll be an auto attack king.
  14. The new charmer can be very versatile as a tank, supporter, and a damager (thanks to the rework aoe). So many ideas. I like this build idea. Supporter and a damager.
  15. At this point, every stun skill is op(the halo ring stun) which is important for war.
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