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  1. 3 minutes ago, Lwn said:

    Yeah let Devs make Paladins banner same like Shaman totem so it will be more fair. 


    Both aren't aoe skills , should be a target based skill. It must affect only those who hit Shaman/Paladin or when enemies involve in their fight.(Maximum number of target is 6 is 4/4)

    Technically, shaman have 2 aoe totem.(debuff and heal)

    Fun Fact: Fire totem used to be aoe.


    Banner is fine as it is because paladins are aoe support class. The best support class in my opinion. Bad enough they got rid of foj debuff which wasn't necessary. Paladins are not a DD class, but with the right build, it can be which requires a huge sacrifice in their main role in the game. 

  2. 17 minutes ago, lallouss said:

    saying chieftain dying faster than paladin without proof of words is a silly argument

    Agree, they're are not in the same category. Paladins are support tanks. As for chiefs are damage dealers hybrids. 

    8 hours ago, Lwn said:

    I wish Paladins banner must work same like Shaman fire totem during . 

    Banner is fine as it is.

    8 hours ago, Lwn said:

    All Elfs aoe skills can hit the flag without clicking on the flag

    No and that's why I brought it up is for every aoe or i all dmg capability skills can dmg the flag. 


    I implemented this opinion to spice up the game. Everything is repetitive and limited in certain areas on the game. Arena is the only thing that needs to be looked at due to afks and etc. However, I'll paint another picture, mermen trials for those who don't have lv29 sea weapons. Give them chance to be usefull in terms of dmg. Like said, I speak in terms of all. 

  3. Just now, Gladiator said:

    Well damn, that's even worse than asking for a nerf, sorry I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    You want summoning, DK, and Shaman skills all to basically have the same end effect as this single skill banner? You wanna have 4 classes that have the same role as Paladin, how more unbalanced do you want the wars to be just for you to be happy?

    My point was that there is an equal opportunity for legions to do the same thing as sentinels using Chieftains, but apparently you want more opportunities. Ah yes the balance, now I get it.


    I want ALL classes to be able to do alternative dmg on the flag. Obviously, this will require the flag to be buff in terms on def, hp or both. This will gives all players that have their own unique build to be useful

    34 minutes ago, Gladiator said:

    how more unbalanced do you want the wars to be just for you to be happy?

    Game already broken. Lets give more dumb ideas for pvp or gvg. Hopefully, everybody quits

  4. 14 minutes ago, Gladiator said:



    Rooiiight riiight... Yall nerf-askers love to exaggerate dontcha.


    It just amazes me... All I see everywhere is banner this banner that. But like Zeus said, the skill does 50%x6 of the magic, you have an analogous counterpart on the legion side - Swooping Army - which deals 55%x5 of magic of a class that can reach up to 150+ more magic than Paladins due to cloth armor. It comes down to basically the same total damage. Please tell me in what world is this not fair already. How people are complaining only about Banner damaging the flag is beyond me...

    You idiot all I said is to implement other class about to attack the flag with their other skills as other option. Where in the hell I said nerf? Read Boy! I see you and Zeus mad becauseI brought this up. Yall crying about me saying nerf (I didn't!). I want to the game to grow without nerfs especially pve. Because nerfs have a bigger impact on pve f2p gamers. Then I got 2 money dump Paladins getting mad when I ask for fairness for other classes. So stupid. I speak for all and everyone in the community. Y'all speak for your selfishness. I done seeing nerfs. Rebalance should've been about buffing without nerfing. The got rid of dmg debuff from Paladins. Rip pve lab runners. I have a lv30. And I find that helpful overall in pve n pvp. Like I said. I speak for all for unselfishness.

  5. 6 minutes ago, lallouss said:

    not in other servers



    sea pearl dominated by elf because all mc players quit its dead server

    eu emerald i dont know much

    ru all of them mc wins

    br tourmaline mc wins

    sa sapphire your server


    It's all about the numbers on who active enough to participate and cooperate. That's how this game works for any events that occurred.

  6. Just now, lallouss said:

    trust me u dont want our army of mages spamming blazing fire on ur flag it will go down in seconds with how many mages online


    dk curse already established why its forbidden because it can be used while the dk not having to leave mc town even

    The game is already broken, so why not tear it up. Btw, as I said earlier, I play on all faction. I don't have a side(i.e. I have a high lvl mage too). 

  7. Just now, lallouss said:

    swooping army does same damage in same scenario in same casting ability even faster dps than banner over 5sec, while banner over 12sec


    is there really an unfair advantage here? if so, say what is it because i clearly showed u evidence both have same equal skills and power

    I don't care about swooping army. I mentioning class that have dmg skills that can't damage the flag or the ones that can summon minions. In addition, I think when you attack the flag, you should be in the state on combat. This allows Templar, Druid, Necro, Charmer minions to be able to attack the flag. Also, allow DK curse, shaman totem, druid aoe root, etc to deal dmg to the flag also. We all know goes by who's the fast to take out the flag. Might as implement them into war too. War is unlimited, no rules, dirty fights. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, lallouss said:


    what stack do you even mean by stacks with more targets lmao banner takes 12 seconds to deal its full damage, while swooping army takes 5 sec


    1 banner will hit flag + 6 mcs for 6 tiks for 50% of paladins magic which is 500 of 1000

    1 swooping army will hit flag + 6 elf for 5 tiks for 55% of chieftains magic which is 660 of 1200


    u just admit it yourself by quoting a topic showing new banner has 450 damage per tik for 6 tiks xd


    I'm getting at. Why banner can deal dmg to the flag while certain cast skill are unable to. Another thing. I see 3 paladin using using lifescrolls and spamming banner to do massive dmg to the flag, but when DK was using curse, it was an instant nerf. Idc about the banner able to. Why not add other skills? The game is already broken

  9. 20 minutes ago, lallouss said:


    *tell me you dont know how to play paladin without telling me how to play paladin*


    do i even have to post proof of numbers how much 1k magic paladin banner damage does? and how much chieftain 1.2k magic swooping army damage does in 1 spell?


    its literally the same total damage, and same critic chances


    Knight Curse can be carried by elf into town and does massive 180%magic damage per tik which literaly 1.8k per hit x6 or 8 hits? im not sure

    banner does 50% of the magic damage


    before u post lies, check and test facts


    swooping army 55%x5 (1.2k magic chieftain)




    banner 50%x6 (1k magic paladin)



    summoning skills lol wht is that

    fire totem idk how it works but its single target not aoe so i dnt see why ur mentioning it

    knight curse as i said can be used on dummy elf accounts + huge damage advantage


    can u stop nagging about banner? your chieftains doing the same thing in elf town


    so does swooping army, thats how aoe spells are suppose to work, non debuff related

    How are you an old player with barely any knowledge? Summoner as an call from charmer, Templar, Necro and druid skill too. In addition, they can be able to attack the flag too. Shaman totem unable to hit the flag but banner can?. I paladin myself, i know exactly what I'm talking about. I play on all faction depending on what class I feel like using. You literally don't know much or playing dumb. Banner dmg stacks with more targets. Swooping army have a fix dmg dealing 55% magic dmg per tics. Curse can't deal Dmg to the flag.

    You won't admit it. I'm not asking for nerfs little boy. I'm asking for a fair play for other classes. Idgaf if i get chat ban. At the end, I care about the community as a whole for fairness and being able to enjoy the game.


  10. On 1/2/2022 at 9:19 PM, King1993 said:

    We need new balance for the rogue class you killed it with this new update we can't use for pvp rogue now is easy

    At this point, even full stun build is not very helpful since 10% resist works as good as blocks. Seekers are still getting smoked too.

  11. On 12/29/2021 at 4:22 PM, Laevateinn said:

    Sometimes, because of the screenberg, even though I used wolf skills and approached enemies, I couldn't attack. Enemy moves and I touch the enemy, but I can't attack. Like bd's hamstring skills, I think it'd be good if the wolf skill or frenzy skill could be extended by a yard.


    Idk why devs still haven't fixed the screenbugs issue. It's an easy fix in this 2d pixel game. Pure laziness.

  12. Paladins banner is doing 1k damage per hit on the flag during war event. That's not including critical damage. The damage stacks when the banner multiple targets. Literally 3 paladins can spam life scrolls and banner and can take out a flag. Pure P2W strategy and skill abused. In that case, allow summoning skills, fire totem and DK Knight's Curse work on the flag also. 

  13. 26 minutes ago, Kyrai said:

    The blade dancer is one of the classes that I have seen the most problems with, it is still too buff, all its skills have parameters to make it against all classes.


    And the Blade Dancer cannot be made a decent fight, they resist everything, if you know how to use it and you have good gameplay and strategy you can beat the charmer, people always criticize the class because the dogs are a nuisance, well let me tell you that the summon the templar is also as well as the druid. Also the bd is one of the classes that can kill the charmer's dogs fast, you just have to amplify the weapons.


    Also for what healing skill? It would be a thousand times worse, and the AoE damage are not for pvp because you need a lot of them in the area, and they still do little damage due to resilience, I think even the dk ignores them at 0.

    My question is: Why continue buffing a class that always receives complaints from other classes? That means it's overexploited, and on balance they didn't do anything important to it, just lower attack strength from 40% to 30%, which still lethal in arenas.

    And they buff magic shield buy 30%. Imagine mermen bd with 4/4 shield. Or worst, in arena + paladin shield. Let's add in some resist in the mix. 

  14. On 12/14/2021 at 12:16 AM, Jcbreff said:

    this is because bd is not necessarily a damager class

    Agree since it have 5 defense skills.

    Parry, dodge, shield, resist, and reflects. On top of that 2 aggro skills and can wear heavy armor. The class does classified as a tank that can output damage.Tani, if you didn't know, BD is an original tank class before pala and wd existence.

  15. On 1/1/2022 at 9:43 AM, JVGA said:

    I'am playing with my dk for many years and my class never received a block skill or resistence skill and this is very irritant because dk are a vamp based class in other word need to attack to regen life but against class like templar or druid this is impossible i lost the count how many times i died without fighting back because i was in cc

    resist stats. you need resist stats. this is the perfect time to get them.

  16. 10 minutes ago, Jcbreff said:

    doing all dailies except the pvp ones should give a bit over 200 so doing all daily quests daily for a week should get you to 1500 points

    are you sure you did dungeons of your own level?

    yeah its not technically hard but kinda grindy

    I'm gonna stick with the doing 40min of Attraction. There's skins I wanna get that's worth the grind. 40min a day is nothing. Kill 2 birds in one stone I'll say.

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