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  1. 1 hour ago, Jcbreff said:

    The joke was that before which town of ayvondil did we get achievements so did we even have the chance to get 50 quests

    This game is growing in a certain way. I don't see any reason not to bump up the limitation in everything that was in place years ago.

  2. On 10/5/2021 at 6:40 AM, Higgings said:


    It was made as a way to prevent people from insta leveling up, back when the Achievements were made (first "class" to reach the max level etc.)

    Why it's made to be prevented when we can't get exp slaying mobs? I don't see anything wrong with players leveling up fast to use better gear or get more skill points.

  3. 22 minutes ago, zsefv said:

    There is a cap so people don't finish it too fast. Once you finish it, there will be nothing to do once again and all will cry that there is no reason to do quests/dg once again. Also, those buffs are kinda like mini books. Since books are expensive, I believe that you should work hard for those too. This cap actually also help new players since all people are questing and doing daily dungeon and sea baits. I help new players with their sea baits, t4, t3 quests and dg since I have to do them anyway nowadays.


    This knowledge tree system is not at all p2w since all can earn it equally since you can't buy anything with mcoins.


    If you like easy earning things, just play an idle game. You are asking for extra way to earn knowledge points, but I bet you are not doing daily t1-t4 events and that's a lot of points.

    Yea this mentality won't last long. Many mmorpg I play and still am don't have these lame limits. Idle games? No Sir, I don't play mobile games. There's nothing wrong with rushing. Honestly, with the limited amount of daily quest, you can't rush anything. As for new player, which is rare, will ask why there's a limit.


    Anyway, I still agree that there should be Knowledge at to arena. Make the game more versatile.

  4. 13 hours ago, zsefv said:

    No one demand because each category of each level bracket is controller by 1 guild or a hand of players if it's about low level arena. No matter how many rewards you would give, you will only help the op people that control everything and not the noobs. I don't know how to rework it either. Crucible was something new that I enjoyed, and I think that's the way to go in my opinion. Even the seals from now are kinda fun and there are some intense fights in it. :wind:

    Ok dude, the whole point of this topic is to add knowledge to arena. Rather it's a win or lose. Stay with the topic. Anyway, I agree with adding more ways to earn knowledge. These caps are too small for the requirements you need. Honestly, why does it have to be caps. The reason players can't enjoy this wallet milker game because everything that is good in the game is limited. Let's make warspear great again and add new addition of earning knowledge.

  5. 8 minutes ago, lore said:

    from what i see is more of a master up system for when you reach max level from a dev prospective but there is the baseling problem that the prices can only go up or stand still (repeat talent so it as same costs) but it will inevitably end up wih them will be basicaly too many to be upgraded before more gets added and then the game die(nothing lasts forever), it will all will depend on how whoever designs it decided to balance it, we can only hope they will make a sauitable system in the long run

    we also need to remember in this game we have players going to pay months of grinding for a small stat boost, but sadly not everyone is like that, attualy, most players attualy aims for books wich gives a type of boosts wich garants and to flip down the table as example for the books of the raidbosses of the 5th sector, Orkinus and Octo


    hmm i should write a full suggestion at this point....

    Start a suggestion brotha, I'll support.

  6. 13 minutes ago, lore said:

    either lower the price of give more knowledge when ur further in the game along higher daily caps, it could raise every 10 levels by 400/450 (with also increase of knowledge given by quests further in the game) in order to allow players to get eught knowledge considering that them will  be expanded and for what i see now them are about up for lvl 12 the talents in order to have effect, so either that or lower the price, for now the grind seems pointless for casuals and also in the long run if the costs will go up it may probaly face the cap (in game but in all cases its inevaitable) or the cap of players are willing to grind for (wich can be prevented)

    Yea the talent is to high to grind according to the amount we can get in general. Imagine grinding for 3 months to get 3% buff for pve. 

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