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  1. I'll keep dreaming. I suggested this when Seekers was introduced to the game.
  2. Yea. I feel ya on that. I still wish that increase mana and mana regeneration per level like they do with HP and HP regeneration. 100mp from lv1 to lv30 is ridiculous. In that case, players like you and the others such as Seekers and Warlocks with mermen gear stack with skills shouldn't have the issue. I brought this up countless time, and I believe everyone should be able to agree with me on that because it make sense right?
  3. Look dude. When I mean by mana build. I was referring towards mana crystals, mana rings mana scrolls, mana pots. A little mix here and there. It was method to you can try out. Obviously, 238 wasn't enough, and I was giving you alternative ideas. Drop your pride my guy. It's a simple yes or no.
  4. I said mana build, not mana regeneration build. Seems like you didn't comprehend my writing.
  5. Cost of obtaining higher power. Lets see, have you try to using mana gear? You need plenty of mana to back up the consumption or else high mana regen doesn't mean anything. Plus, you're using a chief that have a skill to regenerate mana. Now you know, now you've learned. Also, take advantage of them mana pots. Nothing to be ashame of using it.
  6. Speedom

    Rework mage skill

    Lol mages are supposed to do high dmg, have longer skill cast, and have range aoe. They fight from ranges nuking a group of target. Mages here are tanky due to sun armor and ethereal barrier. Honestly, this is the only mmorpg I have played with that have jacked up classes.
  7. Yes! Make Mages into an actual Mage! Like fireball have an aoe animation. Why not make it aoe? I still think shattered stone should be a select area to cast aoe vs melee range. It's a mage!
  8. If you have a tank in your pt, he sucks at keeping aggro. I have a tank on both Legion and Sentinel. Keeping aggro is not hard at all.
  9. Speedom

    Rework mage skill

    Ok. I'm just gonna throw this out here. Mage as a whole needs to be revamp. As a players who plays countless of rpgmmo, this is the only game where mage have to fight in a 1 yard radius. Stone should've been a range skill from the very start. 90% of the mage skill should've been aoe range cast skills. If you've played rpg outside of this, you'll know exactly where I'm going with this.
  10. Yea that make sense with the dodges. It's just a cheaper investment since this game in pricey already ingame. I feel ya on the 2hand. You can make seeker deal insane amount of dmg with it. So yes, Seekers are underrated for 2hand. Especially. After Splitting, blow and Blood dmg have have been buffed.
  11. You don't need accuracy reduction to land some dodges. As from experiences, pvp against a dodge bd and ranger. Yea, the dmg boost from harad shield is nice with lifesteal, but for f2p, it's harder to get especially since the price of vamp runes spiked. Anywho, even if there's any changes, not much will be adjusted. Many seekers are comfortable as an afk attack class.
  12. Back then when Seekers didn't have stun and silence, I asked for dodge to give them a reliable survivability and everyone shot me down and said, "just use vamp runes". Lets be honest here. Seekers is expensive to make and vamp runes alone is not enough to keep you alive. All of these pro seekers people want nerfed are the money dumpers for superior gear and books. My Suggestion is for harad shield to give dodge bonus vs more dmg. Just saying.
  13. The reason why it doesn't exist is because this game drop rate is trash. You'll need a consistency of drops from questing, farming, etc for that to happen. Plus, the devs will have to put effort into it and make some changes in their outdated files.
  14. Seeker are strong with skills, especially 2h, but auto build is their endgame which is boring.
  15. Speedom


    Dude just get the new 2h mace with attack speed. You'll be able to deal more dmg with it with barely any att speed penalty vs daggers. If you want extra attack dmg, get a spring 2h axe or mace. You'll get that 15%
  16. If they're not lazy, they can make it happen. I love the idea. They changed Mage back then, they should for shaman and druid.
  17. People complaining about about are the ones going against a high amp, hp build, mermen gear paladin. Other than that, paladin are not as strong due their long cd skills low hp, unreliable dmg reduction passive. It's a tank support/hybrid class. Their kit is literally to buff and protect the party. If you played other rpg, it's the same concept(off topic). However, if the shield gets nerf, it should be able to be self cast.
  18. Honestly, Inner Force was better before the rework. Use to activate like seeker passive with hp% and ince blocks and cd. Still wasn't too beneficial, but definitely was better in my opinion.
  19. If you use any def skill, 3 times within 60sec you get def buff Offense - crit buff CC - pen buff Great passive at 1/4. It's like using 3 non class expert books for 40k. It's great at 4/4 for them stats, but 1/4 is good enough.
  20. I like the idea. If they won't add silence, make it an instant skill instead of a casting skill.
  21. 100% agree. The thing is, it does "magic melee dmg" I guess make it as any other range minion
  22. Well, it's not somewhat weak. It is weak. The skill is only beneficial with mermen gear. We know that the shield is going to get nerf due to many complaints(rip pve paladins), so I agree with buffing the dmg reduction of the skill. I think it should be 30% at minimum even though I want 50%. But 30% is fine. So I really like the first idea.
  23. Speedom


    "Not immortal with 40% blocks" the fact that I played every class except hunter and templar as a WS Vet. I know So much about this game. If wd can get 40%, that means every other class with shield can get 40%. Then you'll be crying to nerf Barb stone skins since it's going to be a infinite 80% dmg reduction. Bet you didn't think about that? Oh wait, probably didn't know.
  24. The skill is weak at endgame and arena due to pen. There's plenty of op skills, why dk can't get a reliable op skill. It already works by chances. Plus DK is outdated compared to other tanks. No reworks, no buffs, just all nerfs. "Too Op" in a broken game doesn't exist. If you can't beat them, join them. Buff DK
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