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    i regen 86, 2214 health and lvl 17 :)
  2. swords are better for higher damage but daggers make up for it in speed and can save u in the long run when ur both out of MP since ull ALWAYS stike first
  3. whoever has better gear and more ampd wins. shaman has better skill but druid heals higher and atk usually so its still pretty even ::)
  4. id like to add sulla too. he has one of the highest crits ive ever seen :clapping:
  5. ur right. alot of rich players out there depend too much on $$$ but dont have skill so they still lose ;D
  6. best druids i know are eisha- best heal ive seen so far, callie, perezkilla- highest moon, saffo (mcs most wanted ;D ) xphyr( very helpful and strong too :clapping: ) and prosperine :)
  7. toughest rangers ive seen so far are thizzin, swaaz and koskiller... kakaroto is strong too but hes a runner :wacko: lol
  8. i play rouge but imo accuracy is better. a slow attack is better than a MISSED attack ;D
  9. pls enable trading between factions again so we older players dont need to start from scratch :blush: but GREAT update overall :drinks:
  10. and i dont mean richest or whos ur friend :blush: but who who think ARE the top best rogue users u know from ur server :) i play at Sapphire so ill pick: nelia, trixter, iluvweed, sico, naranja, screwz, marz, keithlex, whirlwindz , roguetr. in no particular order. these are the only ones ive seen fight so dont get mad if ur not mentioned ;D whos YOUR picks?
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