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  1. Death Knight at the moment is the most complete class, good in pvp and pve, I suggest you watch videos of the class before to see if you really like the class.
  2. Hello, thank you very much for the explanation, it helped me a lot to understand the skill better thanks.
  3. Please take me a doubt, over my time playing as Warden realized the skill Guard's Spirit does not activate if you kill the enemy mob or he evades, my doubt is this will not be harmful if I wanted to do lab where I need to kill that mob Which hit quickly I would have to kill it first to then activate the skill and as the activation time of it is 15 seconds I would have passed through the mobs in case the skill will be useless ??
  4. masoquista

    Warden skill build

    What is the amount of healing that the master unit skill applies 4/4? And what would be the percentage of damage taken by skill guard spirit 5/5?
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