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  1. Sad
    Avamanyar reacted to Akasha in Bagspace is way to small!   
    don't push it
  2. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Poggers in Bagspace is way to small!   
    lol wha, pretty sure hes joking.
  3. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Nosotraes in Abuse of Power   
    It's basically someone who got muted for 2 days and complains about it and now a whole drama starts.
  4. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Reivenorik in Cool   
    Compare publication date and response date.
    Review has been edited! 
  5. Like
    Avamanyar got a reaction from Higgings in Rune Bonuses   
  6. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Luan Borges in Old Nicknames   
    Ai Grind should reset names from characters that havent logged into the game for over a year, and if the person eventually came back to the game it would just pop a window asking them to choose a new one . There are so many cool names that cant be used because someone that played up until lvl 3 8 years ago has it . Its something pretty simple, that would give new and old active players so many new options for nicknames, and also give aigrind money, considering changing your character name costs Coins 
  7. Like
    Avamanyar reacted to Lexie in Old Nicknames   
    Have been suggested many times before 🙂
    Let's wait for devs' decision.
  8. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Lashabi in FUN DAMMIT   
    Pubg is better than fortnite
  9. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Higgings in FUN DAMMIT   
    Ban on the way! 
  10. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Brdigo in tips for choosing your class.   
    for those who started playing recently find out the strongest classes do not class but the image for the powers and evolution until level 20, usually has a staff that chooses weaker characters in pvp. More characters have all features.
    Priest- good class to farm, usually pvp these classes can be long and protracted, by having a minor attack and healing power high. Curator Curator against the fight takes too long depending on the equipment.
    Necro-Good and good healing powers, like the priest's more is not equal, if you're dueling against this class and if you do not you are a healer, you died more easily, fights between necro vs healers can take too long until the power goes out.
    Barbaro- It is weak for pvp 1x1, is stronger in the arena, a good tank to farm, has no advantage against many classes.
    Paladin- good defense, increase healing power of healers and he can also heal, he is too slow for pvp, it helps to farm.
    Blade Dancer - is good against characters who use sword, picks up more staff who uses the guy plays with him, I already irritated me a lot with my bd.
    Ranger - is a major killer, with its multiple arrows,
    Mage - after the update it was very good, multiple powers in arena 5x5 help a lot.
    Shaman and warlock - classes are already angry that I have most definitely play elves in these two classes are those that we do not even play right with the Blade Dancer.has no advantage against druid.
    Druid - knowing use skills gained from various characters as the shaman warlock among others.
    Rogue - is invisible and has a good offense, more is not good against healers.
    Death Knight - good defense, good for pvp against swords, he's a little slow, has two powers of attack combination.
    NOTE : Don't ever read this as a "guide". This is such a subjective opinion and kinda joke. Only fools who will fall for this/use this as a reference.
  11. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Madz101 in my opinion. the game is not going to die   
    Steam reviews waow
  12. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Daria in [2018.05.03] Welcome the new administrator - Reivenorik!   
    But he still comes to the forum sometimes, he silently looks if everything's okay, gives a subtle smile and goes away, being sure that all of you are doing just great.

    I'm still here, don't hope to get rid of me so soon.
  13. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Higgings in [2018.05.03] Welcome the new administrator - Reivenorik!   
    It's a "Sis" 
  14. Sad
    Avamanyar reacted to Higgings in [2018.05.03] Welcome the new administrator - Reivenorik!   
    Welcome Reivenorik! 
    Daria...  don't forget about us! 
  15. Sad
    Avamanyar reacted to Jcbreff in [2018.05.03] Welcome the new administrator - Reivenorik!   
    Must be stressful here since Daria retire after not even 2 years
  16. Sad
    Avamanyar reacted to Lexie in [2018.05.03] Welcome the new administrator - Reivenorik!   
    Good luck Daria, thanks for helping, directing, and accompanying us all this time 
  17. Sad
    Avamanyar reacted to Daria in [2018.05.03] Welcome the new administrator - Reivenorik!   
    Hello there!
    For almost two years we have been together, in sickness and in health, in the weeks of bounty and in nerfs after updates. But everything good always comes to an end, to make way for something even better.
    Changes are inevitable, and as Roland turned over the administrator position to me, here I am now, turning it over to the next person.
    The power of Daria is ended. The time has come for the dominion of Reivenorik. He will be responsible for the forum and social media. Please, behave in order not to frighten him away from the very beginning. :D
    Well, I hope you will become good friends.
    See you!

    P.S. I don't go away, I'll be monitoring you, guys.
  18. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Daria in [2018.05.03] Welcome the new administrator - Reivenorik!   
    I'm not retiring, I'll just be working in another direction.
    Have you seen the avatar of the new guy? He's Batman, for God's sake!
  19. Sad
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    Avamanyar reacted to Morgana in Meow I guess   
    Unfortunately such issues aren't supposed to be discussed on the forum It's the same when people come here to post about a scammer, either to rage over them or to warn other players. Such are personal/ingame matters and we would appreciate it if you kept them personal/ingame. I'm not protecting those people, neither am I siding with them but can you imaging how this forum would look like if everyone came here to complain about gankers? 
    I hope you can understand my point
  21. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Morgana in Meow I guess   
    Okay, and what's the purpose of the topic?
  22. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to GalaxyRekt in Meow I guess   
    Rawr i guess
  23. Confused
    Avamanyar reacted to muntasar in Meow I guess   
    its not everyday i get to see stupidi- (watching my “profanity” because God is good amen) get taken to a special kind of level. Story time:
    -Dodoki is idle in pvp cave
    -lvl26 druid switches to lvl3 staff
    -lvl26 druid attc idle dodoki
    -Dodoki ignores and just heals thru hoping lvl26 druid gets bored and stops
    -lvl26 druids begins to use skills
    -Dodoki threatend thus has taken action and attc bac
    -Dodoki wipes the floor with lvl26 druid
    -Dodoki goes idle and heads to make a sandwhich
    -lvl26 druid is mad and com gank Dodoki because it lost
    -Dodoki friend com help Dodoki wipe the floor again with the lvl26
    -They succeed 
    -lvl26 druid bring lvl28 druid to com help kill the 4’3ft lvl18 shaman
    -Dodoki gets rekt.. :(
    -Dodoki mad com back full pots  
    *tune Eye of the tiger (epic music)*
    -Dodoki pew pew lvl26 druid
    -lvl26 druid try stun Dodoki but fail
    -Dodoki health at 5hp and bam! 
    -*uses pot number uno*
    -Dodoki pew pew pew nuke lvl26 druid and leaves the game to go shame druid 
    The end. 
    Feel free to pm me in game if you want to buy the screenshots of Dodoki pew pewing lvl26 druid 
    -Now Dodoki is on  a lvl28 and a lvl26’s kos list. 
    Because killing lvl18 is harder than you think 
    (i kidd, dont pm me. I dont sell stuff, dont wanna get banned)
    But thanks to lvl26 druid, Dodoki managed to finish the (kill lvl18+ players) quest. Bless yuh
    (Buying bodyguards, because im pretty sure im gonna need a bunch of them to help me keel em, pm me in game kkkkkk)

  24. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to FakeUser in Skylore online !!! A new game ??   
    i want this game on steam
  25. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to hao in Skylore online !!! A new game ??   
    wakfu/dofus  + warspear
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