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  1. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Lexie in This is ridiculous   
    Mc side is dying on US-Sapphire, indeed
  2. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Akasha in This is ridiculous   
    🤮 for God's sake
  3. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Jcbreff in Chat   
    Those chinese player just have decided to play on european server
  4. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Morgana in This is ridiculous   
    If you get annoyed by people killing you:
    You might consider not to play a WAR game 🙂
  5. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Rayotenper in This is ridiculous   
    well what can i say?
    since i was a middle level(13-17),a lot of sentinels where doing nothing but killing players,incluiding me,for no reason,and this drive me to hate them,i'm talking about the sentinels on US-Sapphire,most of them are savages,they kill anyone for no reason,and the worse part is i can't kill them back right now because their stats are ridiculously high,which gives me impotence,so i build a black list of every single player that killed me for no reason,but that's not what are we talking about
    and as the cherry of the cake,most of the sentinels are legionaires using alts,unbeleivable!
    but yeah,in conclusion: for me,they are the true villians of Arinar
    and just so you know,i was thinking on doing a different suggestion called: "Dummies for every occasion" to close this topic
  6. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Rayotenper in This is ridiculous   
    don't make me set you on fire(i'm talking about my fire totem,i can do it,i don't care)
  7. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Rayotenper in This is ridiculous   
    look at this! this is ridiculous!
    why there's so many sentinels?!
    its because they are "the good guys"? its because everything there is cheaper? its because people there is more active?
    they aren't "good guys",everything depends of the players,there's those who saw an enemy player and just react when they are under attack,and there's the others that just attack when they saw you
    the economy needs to be "fixed",im just wondering,¿why people sell everything so expenvise? its like they need the gold like it can be exchanged for real money,thing that its impossible
    people like sentinels because its basically "easy mode",lets say some people are very very lazy,and no,don't include me plz,i'm not one of them
    and not only that,there's 3 classes that i personally consider "broken":
    Blade Dancer: paralize,and you're death
    Warden: These are practically inmortal,every block means they get healed,they can mass tank thousands of players for long enough,these truly need a nerf
    and also,there's people that says that game masters favor sentinels(i'm not sure if this its true),when they shouldn't do that
    why? you ask
    if game masters DO favor the sentinels,this can represent a big hole in the game,since the servers will get filled with players,and when they are full,rest will have to move to the legion,and they win't enjoy because they are on a big disadvantage,the players also in the sentinel side,will ststt to break the rules and buy/sell/exchange accounts(stuff that its already happening but these manage to dodge the ban),the legion will be empty,sentinels will win EVERY SINGLE war,and game masters will have a significant lose of busget,and this will eventually kill the game
    my solutions:
    if game masters really DO favor the sentinels,they should keep a neutral position instead,no side its better than other,in order to keep the game alive for more years
    i'm nobody to chage the people,i know,but if we want to make the legion a better place,they should be fair,even at selling and stop being lazy,i know this won't change anything,but i hope it makes you think about it
    i dunno what's gonna happen with this post,i just hope i didn't break any rules,i'd rather break my staff rather than breaking a comunity rule or game rule
    thank you very much for reading,and i really hope the legion will be better someday

    please forgive auron,he's being negative,and i didn't notice he was cursing,things have gone tough
  8. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Gladiator in I love this amplification system!   
    Uhhh it's just bad luck.
    If you know how chances work, then this response should be enough for you.
    I recently amped a lvl29 arena shield from +1 to +10 with less than 3 sign sets in total. So If I use your logic, I think they increased amp chance.
    But I don't think that, because on the same day I struggled to get +1 to +5 with 2 sign sets on an arena glove lvl29.
    It can happen both ways, just use signs if you care about your item.
  9. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Lexie in The Mercs (Lvl 12) <This is Mercs>   
    Nope, he's a Lebanese.
  10. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to lallouss in The Mercs (Lvl 12) <This is Mercs>   
    from lebanon
  11. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Higgings in The Mercs (Lvl 12) <This is Mercs>   
    The rabbit... where's the Panda...
  12. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to zhark in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    Oh look at that, this board is still pinned and alive!
  13. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Poggers in someone just forgot his place   
    ? Welcome to the internet.
  14. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Morgana in This is ridiculous   
    Seriously, either make one big pointless complaints topic or non at all. But please don't start spamming the forum with everything you don't like about Sentinels. 
  15. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Higgings in GM BUG??   
    I still don't get why this makes you so mad... but I doubt that our devs plan something bad for us just for having logged an Admin account.
  16. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to GMseeit in GM BUG??   
    so,gm want to do what ?,i afraid gm do something bad for us!i have many this kind of photo,in all sever ,my firends show us ,so pls do not do anything bad for game !we all look u GM !
  17. Confused
    Avamanyar reacted to poszkodowany in Warspear Online All Formulas   
    How the system in game was designed? Are there any dependencies here?
    What is the value for Two-handed Sword on the 1 (first) level?
    Formulas for: Staff, Two-handed Sword, One-handed sword (so that higher levels can be calculated e.g 30,31,32 level etc)

  18. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Akasha in Warspear Online All Formulas   
    It seems to me that you're looking for basic attack, there is no need for a formula, we have a database where you can check and even simulate amplification https://wsdb.xyz/calc/
  19. Confused
    Avamanyar reacted to poszkodowany in Warspear Online All Formulas   
    I don't know how long the thread will live so to get around the limits and evasion real answer, I  created a thread on the forum for mathematicians  entitled  Regression to find formulas from dataset (from an RPG game - Warspear Online) Everyone who knows formulas can write here to avoid moderation on forum.warspear-online.com      
  20. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Akasha in Warspear Online All Formulas   
    I can't wait to read the content 
  21. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to sulla in EU Emerald - ABC Family   
    elfs will always be the enemy for the original mc
  22. Sad
    Avamanyar reacted to Shitzo in EU Emerald - ABC Family   
    It may be forgotten, but it will never die
  23. Haha
    Avamanyar reacted to Lexie in The Story of Your Friendly Neighborhood Wizurd   
    Sorry if my words offended any of you, right, let's wait for admins to respond here 🙂
    And right, we mods don't even know how the ban mechanic works
  24. Like
    Avamanyar reacted to Shitzo in The Story of Your Friendly Neighborhood Wizurd   
    It's funny how they are complaining about Imawizurd being able to fight in the arena for unusual hours everyday, yet isn't it the same for them? Or anyone who has competed for the #1 rank against others?
    If you've checked the number of total fights, it was close between the 2 groups, he only had more points from the bonus of the 3 day war reward and probably great gladiator potions. Hell, let's not even get started with the previous season; Same people, online everyday, demanding AFK for hours and hours.
    And what's wrong with that? Anyone dedicated enough can do this easily, 4 hours of sleep for a few days, smh, even a month or more is possible.
    There are people who work real jobs for absurd amount hours in real life and only get a few hours of sleep, it's nothing new. I used to sleep 3-4 hours everyday for months when I was studying at school or working. Sleepless nights, also possible too. So I don't get why you whine about this.
    The real issue here, is the system - the people who run the system. They don't give out any information to the public.
    How do we know they even investigated the reports? How do we know if the bans were actually justified? Or maybe just a stupid misunderstanding or an error by the support team? With their "system", they could just ban anyone they want and say it was justified and it would be the same case with everyone else who actually deserved it. 
    I find it ridiculous how they don't even give you proof for why you were banned, hell, even a proper description. Instead, everyone gets the same " Your account has been been blocked " *message* when they try to log in their accounts and the same email reply from a robot when they try to appeal their ban.
    There are passionate players who pour A LOT of time and money into this game, it isn't cheap, and this is how you treat them? This is how the support team is?
    Automated responses? No clarity the moment your account gets blocked? No proofs of the things they accuse you of?
    Just in a blink of an eye - without any proof or information, you can just be blocked by a push of a button from the admins.
    The sickening part is when it's an innocent person who gets banned, completely clueless and hopelessly waiting days, for a reply from the support team, to find out why they were banned. Only to get the same response everyone else has gotten. And to add on top of that - they could be competing in a tournament/contest in the game or taking part in events that only happen once a year. All their time gone and wasted, all because of a *mistake* made by the admins, which the player won't even get compensated for.
    I've been playing this game since nearly the beginning, it's been the same ever since - no improvements, innocent people getting blocked, blatant violators still playing freely and breaking the rules, and probably the same email responses since the beginning of time.
  25. Sad
    Avamanyar reacted to TheSoulless in The Story of Your Friendly Neighborhood Wizurd   
    Ok so now that my 8 year WSO "career" seems to be coming to its end, I thought I should probably tell people how and why it came down to this, because even I didn't think I'd be quitting this suddenly. And even more so, some of you might (or might've) experience(d) something similar. 
    It all began when this new arena season started. Me and few of my mates decided to give it a try. Of course it wasn't that simple but those things don't really matter now.
    Anyway... Soon enough we found out that we'll be fighting against a squad of 3 chinese players named Unravel, Vsopb and Ivyouhun. We figured that we should probably spam as much as possible while I'm still on holidays, because when I'm going back to school, there's no way I could go past those guys. 
    Well days passed, we did a real s**t ton of arena (about 120h Fri-Wed) and after fighting the china squad with my mates for a good while, I managed to get myself a good 150k ap gap between me and the chinese. We started to take it a bit easier since we hadn't really slept for past few days (just enough to keep spammingg for another day)..
    Wednesday wasn't any different. We were still fighting the chinese but my gap wasn't getting any smaller so I wasn't stressing about it. All I had to do was spam as much as I could. But then suddenly I got disconnected.. I tried to log back and it said "Your account has been blocked".
    First I thought it was a bug of some kind but soon I realized that my acc really was banned, and I couldn't come up with any reasons why. This is when I told my guild mates and other friends about this, and they advised me to contact the support team asap. 
    That I did. I sent the support team a mail where I tried to explain my somewhat urgent situation and requested a reasoning and if possible, unbanning of my acc asap. They gave me a reply asking me to explain "suspicious activities" that have taken part on my account. First I asked them to specify what they meant by this, but then my friends suggested that it could be that my ip logs could be little iffy since I've moved to UK, therefore I got 2 SIM cards in use all the time (a finnish and uk one).. On top of that I mentioned that I have had a Russian SIM in use from time to time due my short trips to Russia (you know... 1-7 day drinking party trips). 
    Then now this Monday I received an automated reply saying that my account was permanently banned for sharing and trading my account & using someone else's account.
    This obviously got me on my toes since I had been writing proper formal&polite mails and all I got was a automated response saying that I've lost thousands of hours and euros worth of work just like that.
    That's pretty much where I'm at currently.. I doubt the situation will change and tbh even if it does, losing a rank AND my one and only account is just bit too big hit to be taken.
    I'm obviously still trying to contact the support team, hoping that they would at least make the perma ban a temporary one, but that would not change the fact that I've already lost the rank after spamming hours and hours and hours for it..
    All this being said, I can pretty much say that my story is finally coming to its end and even though you could say that I'm leaving due the brokenness of the system and the corruption of the community, I still think that if we leave the actual support team and the system abusers out, the community was one of the best ones I've ever been part of, and I'm glad I got to meet all these ppl, some more than others... (._.)
    *Imawizurd has left the game*
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