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  1. Og I forgot it's a new year.

  2. Some people are toxic in discord. 🤢

  3. If devs going to add two new classes what will stop them from adding more in the future?

  4. What if a dark ranger class is added to the forsaken faction?

  5. It's funny because you'll never be like any of those people from the past that you kept on copying.

  6. July. BORING AS EVER.

  7. June. Month of DEWWWW!!!!

  8. May, month of MAY!

  9. April, the month of fools. 🤡

  10. It's the month of March and still boring.

  11. February, the month that makes 14 a number and missing some days.

  12. Ah, another new year. Numbers and all that.

  13. Is the month of decadence over? Or it's overextending since the start of "time" itself.

  14. It's December now. The month decadence.

  15. Oh, it's Sep tem ber now

  16. Countless players I met and I have forgotten their names as time goes on

  17. I miss this funny guy 😂

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