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  1. Question is why character recovery is from 2013 im sure i have characters deleted back in 2011 that i wish i could restore for nostalgic reasons , 2011-2012 allot of chars deleted with some good old gears i remember i had bd with cool christmas 2012 set that doesn't exist anymore i want to restore that one too and chars from 2011
  2. Seems like new devs taking over bows 3.3 and xbow 3.9 just saying you guys only see perspective of high level rangers already are one of the worst low level classes you should be nerfing experts not something that will affect every level player bows as slow as spear and other 2 handed weapons faster very illogical i think bows should be faster not slower but yeh you guys only see high level
  3. and nothing for low level players 100% now tell me to lvlup because low levels dont matter ;d which i think they should since there are alot of low level players who only play low level like me and spend alot of money to support devs 👻
  4. its me i changed my nick many times my all nicks as this ranger = mrfoxnik,devilrokas,troglodyte,lordmiraak,themiraak,legionnerr,hackreport maybe more lol i change it often to confuse people i problably get reported daily people think im hacking but i just got very lucky i join this game in 2011 very early i had rank bronze i think and few months later we got level update i lost this account game became free i was supposed to convert on website i think they block you if you didnt convert i couldnt remember my name which was mrfoxnik so i just forgot about my old account and made new now i got
  5. Hello Everyone in test server i notice all servers are merged to 1 so my idea is why not to make once in a year event where same language speaking servers are merged for 1 month for example all Russian servers into 1 us saphire with eu emerald i think that way it would be fun for all servers to meet new players once per year and findout who is strongest or something similar Thanks for reading
  6. why level 5 axes not fixed i want amp axes for stun but novice axes has more dmg now im stuck cant amp any because novice is dont have stun level 5 axes have 70 normal damage novice 76 same with lvl6 axes 76 please it was hard to get axes stun dmg i want amp :(
  7. Why level 5 items nerfed i mean novice has damage same as level 6 items please make level5 items same as novice only difference should be in level and crystals thanks
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