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  1. Well I saw a bug today, hope is only me how a drop come with skin and half broken? Idk
  2. Hello im Phillip Schultz also known as Mrphillip and im from Frankfurt, Germany Ps. Im the guy and im not fat (at all its just beer)
  3. Yeah ranger is a useless class then why i can evaporate a full +8 +9 +10 mage in less than 2 seconds?! Just spamming point shooting + dmg skills if you dont like trap/dodge dont use it then. Ps. Dont use trap and dodge
  4. Some people say its fake now ranger dance/fitness run like crazy
  5. So this was my max attack speed but... i dont have full dark outlaw set
  6. Now the dealee might be VERY happy
  7. Yeah i saw many wardens getting wreck trying to raid towns
  8. If every hit drain a % amount of mana the warden would run out of energy veeeeeery quickly but, lets say : I have a ranger thar hit each 1.2sec and each hit drains 4% of mana (I mean every hit even by bless and fire arrow DoT) so if i so 5 attacks (1 auto attack + fire arrow [1 more auto attack] + powerful shot [fire arrow DoT]+ 1 auto attack [DoT] + hail of arrows [DoT] and bless triggered 3 times atleast) he already lost 48% energy, not couting the energy he would use with hes own skills...
  9. Not "Tons of mana" but lets say 35-45% more mana for that stone* skin skill Ps.: I dont realy care about PvP since im main PvE so for me warden is fine...LUL
  10. Poor Seeker Press F to pay respects
  11. Panda gang and simba https://imgur.com/ObDu0Oo Sure https://imgur.com/5OgfSqp
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