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  1. @Ellatrice My pleasure! looking out for my Rogue brethren
  2. For relics, I'll go over only 2 skills, because these 2 are the most important in PvE (Excluding expert skills since you can't put relics on them). These 2 are Merciless Strike & Stealth. For Merciless I would recommend running the Great Relic of Punishing Ability which increases your skill damage by 12% for your Purple relic. For the Green relic, I would run Relic of Physical. & for the red relic it's pretty much preference, it's not that impactful. Moving on to Stealth. Purple Relic, probably the best relic you can have on is Great Relic of Continuous Effect. For the Green Relic, it's going to be Relic of Physical Might. & lastly, it's going to be the Terrible Relic of Deadly Infection for the red relic. It's quiet expensive but if you can't afford one, you can always go for Relic of Physical Helplessness as an alternative. As for the rest of the skills such as dodge,gouge Etc. You can run anything you want, it's not going to affect your game play that much. And now, we'll move on to weapons. There are 2 weapons that I would recommend for 2 play styles which are, solo hunting and just a purely damage weapon build( For group activities such as Dungeons and what not where your job is to just deal damage). These 2 weapon are Axe of Impending Madness(I recommend waiting for the level 30 axe rather than the level 28 axe which is coming in the next Halloween event) & Royal Axe of The Sun Fortress. For the solo hunting weapon build I would run 1 of each, which can make your character sustain more damage due to the Life Steal bonus that you get from the Axe of Impending Madness AND can deal more damage since you're also running Royal Axe of The Sun Fortress. Lastly for the pure damage weapon build. Pretty sure you guessed it by now, which is running 2x Royal Axe of The Sun Fortress. Right now, this axe is the best damaging axe in the game. The only thing that this axe is lacking is Crit. but if you run a crit gear build. Then you're good to go. Hope I answered your question although I think I could've answered it in "less" words.
  3. If for some reason anyone is checking out this topic thread looking for the most optimal/highest damage skill setup, here are 2 skill builds that you should try out. & I'll add a few good damage gear sets that you could use to improve your build even further. Let's begin with the skill builds For the first one, it's a very consistent build with pretty high damage output that mainly focuses on solo target clearing. Main Skills: 5/5 Merciless 5/5 Stealth 3/5 Gouge (To stun specific mobs in a dungeon while moving through) Expert Skills: 4/4 Extermination 4/4 Jump (<< The build that I run mostly for PvE activities). 2nd skill build is pretty much the same as the first skill build, but with 1 tweak to the Expert skills, which is rather than having 4/4 Jump, you could run 4/4 Sinister Strike, yes you might lose some damage in return, but running Sinister strike weakens the target so that your party does more damage towards that specific target. Not only that but if there's 2 Rogues using 4/4 Sinister strike, you can potentially keep a boss permanently weakened & can lead to faster dungeon runs/spam completion. Those were the 2 skill build sets that I find to be the most meta for now, even if you don't have an Attack speed gear setup, the new & improved Extermination really doesn't need a build to make it viable. & speaking about gear builds I did mention at the beginning that I'll add a few good damage gear sets. there's 3 damage meta sets out there that I think every damage class should get/use one of them at least, 1st one is the the full Nadir set (Crit/CD) this gear set is just an all around beast of a set, it offer's a lot of stat bonuses that can't be passed on about. same can be said about the 2nd Nadir set which offer's more Penetration than the Crit/CD set. Those are 2 gear sets & the last gear set is just, well... It's a mix of the two, so rather than having more CD or Pene, you'll go with 2 pieces of each sets to get more Crit. Feels like I've said what I needed to say. So, without rambling any further, let's do a quick summary. Skill builds: 1st skill build: 5/5 Merciless 5/5 Stealth 3/5 Gouge 4/4 Extermination 4/4 Jump <<(Highest damaging build) 2nd skill build: 5/5 Merciless 5/5 Stealth 3/5 Gouge 4/4 Extermination 4/4 Sinister Strike Gear builds: 1st gear build: Full Nadir Set (Crit/CD) 2nd gear build: Full Nadir Set (Crit/Pene) 3rd gear build: 2x Pieces of each Nadir sets (Crit ++) This reply was meant to be for anyone that is interested in some damage skill/gear builds + replying to Enka's initial question (Starter of the topic).
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