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  1. Merciless: Relic of stunning Ability Great Relic of Punishing Ability Terrible Relic of Stun Kick in the Back: Relic of Wild Thrill Great Relic of Concentration Magic Relic of Reaction Dodging: Magic Relic of Oppression Great Relic of Curse Removal(Preference) Magic Relic of Deceptive Control Gouge: Relic of Physical Weakness Great Relic of Dispelling Relic of Absolute Protection Stealth: Terrible Relic of Deadly Infection Great Relic of Continuous Effect Terrible Relic of
  2. Hello there Chris! To keep it quick and simple, I'll give you some ideas on how to make a build depending on your liking/style of play whether it's the skill build OR the gear/enchantments & I'll add one of my own skill builds (Gear is pretty much basic, didn't include it) for me as a lv 30 rog with almost 8 years of experience. Let's get right into it! For the skill build, you'll be mostly focusing on dodge, "dodge" as the stat, not the skill Dodging, on the contrary, it would be a liability if you waste skills points on it, you'll mostly be getting your dodge from targets that are debuff
  3. @Ellatrice My pleasure! looking out for my Rogue brethren
  4. For relics, I'll go over only 2 skills, because these 2 are the most important in PvE (Excluding expert skills since you can't put relics on them). These 2 are Merciless Strike & Stealth. For Merciless I would recommend running the Great Relic of Punishing Ability which increases your skill damage by 12% for your Purple relic. For the Green relic, I would run Relic of Physical. & for the red relic it's pretty much preference, it's not that impactful. Moving on to Stealth. Purple Relic, probably the best relic you can have on is Great Relic of Continuous Effect. For the Green Relic, it
  5. If for some reason anyone is checking out this topic thread looking for the most optimal/highest damage skill setup, here are 2 skill builds that you should try out. & I'll add a few good damage gear sets that you could use to improve your build even further. Let's begin with the skill builds For the first one, it's a very consistent build with pretty high damage output that mainly focuses on solo target clearing. Main Skills: 5/5 Merciless 5/5 Stealth 3/5 Gouge (To stun specific mobs in a dungeon while moving through) Expert Skills: 4/4 Extermination 4/4 Jump (<< The build that I ru
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