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  1. i am still trying to figure out how a DK with 2h axe managed to get 1k mdamage
  2. you guys might be interested in this video its over the top with the amount of buffs, but it represent an idea!
  3. 7 years, thou i played before but didn't sign an account
  4. they won't be satisfied until their classes are capable of bending reality itself
  5. i actually personally knew a warden who went with this build and it was really op, it was easy for them to reach over 1.4k damage and with max attack speed on 2h weapon the damage could compete with that of damager classes, same could be said about barbarian and berserk FYI, the skill wasn't meant for a typical "tank" playstyle for warden and more of a damage one, and you can't have both offense and defense if you were simply fine before the "bad" skills were introduced, i'm sure you can still manage now, it just mean the skill wasn't meant for your playstyle
  6. they actually give dk a sword with magic damage in the beginner set, i just don't know why they didn't keep it going with more, higher lvl magic damage swords
  7. i would say dealing with the problem is better than allowing party's in solo arenas, maybe ban player who stay afk in arena from enter for a set period of time? like a chat ban but then bots can still be programmed into moving or preforming skills and such, it would be hard to spot afkers and bot users and innocent players might get caught by the system and banned for no reason, but its something devs need to work hard on. i'm not buying the idea of fighting bots in arena, players who constantly losing arena have a problem, it might be afkers, bots, or them just being under amped or buffed so players who keep losing would be matched with other players who keep losing, to even out the odds of wining
  8. damn... seems like an anime protagonist background story, did they overcome their doubt with the power of friendship? (to be clear i am just joking, not degrading your idea in any form)
  9. - let's talk about the obvious answer, the target effected by defeat needs to be under the effect of bleed for the "splash" effect to take place, so try using bleed on a target then defeat - if you have been doing that then you might have been mistaken how the damage work, the damage hurt target around the initial target(or the enemy that received the defeat) rather than around you - last thing and most unlikely, is that enemies are not around the target by 1 yard although they appear so, this could happen due to lag or other problems hopes this help
  10. this would also work if you reduced the 0.2267 from the base 1.7 so 1.7-0.22 = 1.48, almost 1.48 attack speed from each weapon
  11. this still is correct but you need to reduce how much the attack speed reduced which is 70% of 1.7 so 1.7*0.7 = 1.19 < this would be reduced from the base attack speed instead of the remaining 0.3 or 30% attack speed 1.7-1.19 = 0.51, then we add the other weapon 0.51+0.51 = 1.02 then we divide by 1.5 thus 1.02/1.5 = 0.68
  12. hmmm you might be right, look like how much should be taking off the base attack speed from how much should remains got confused due to Russian to English google translation, i need to correct my numbers for anyone that might read this later on...
  13. some topic fly off my radar sometimes, so sry for late reply looking at your dk, it look like a typical f2p dk, it would depend on what this dk is used for but i would say your defend is on the lower side for a lv26 and would recommend a mace and a shield, don't be afraid if your damage get lower since its the damager in your party role to do that. the piercing spear is the worst of spear you could've chosen, a rage, stun or life steal spear would've been a better chose it seems like you have a health/parry set bonus armor, the same one i use (tho mine is lv28) its a nice armor and would give good health and parry if combined with parry accessories and weapon, but unless you could make that armor +9/+10 i would recommend the armor bonus set to increase your armor with low amp i always recommend this and always will, focus on your armor, always focus on armor dk is one of the weakest classes in term of damage reduction, we only have dark shield and blood protection, we don't have healing skills we kinda make up for it with the life steal combo and the premise of "more enemies around, more heal i get from lifesteal", but beside that if you want to be a proper dk then just get armor
  14. that's not how it work unfortunately, i don't know how you calculated it, but just by observing a 2 dagger wielder attack without calculation you would see that he hit much slower than every 0.68 seconds i presume you did your calculation like that (1.7 * 0.3 + 1.7 * 0.3) / 1.5 = 0.68 which is actually wrong, this how it should be done you would need to reduce the 0.3 from the base attack of the weapon as following 1.7*0.3 = 0.51 < this would be reduced from the base attack speed thus 1.7 - 0.51 = 1.19, then we add the other weapon 1.19+1.19 = 2.38 then we divide by 1.5 thus 2.38/1.5= 1.58 this is the easier way to calculate it N = (R * x + L * x)/1.5. R = Initial speed of the right weapon. L = Initial speed of the left weapon. x = Amount of attack speed in %. (1.7 * 0.7 + 1.7 * 0.7)/1.5 = 1.58 Daggers with max atk speed hit every 1.58* seconds shoutout to @ Kunka for sharing all this as i said above i don't know much about rogue
  15. quoting someone who knows more about rogue than me... i would say daggers for rogue, because rogue have easier job of reaching max attack speed without speed stats on gear giving him more options to increase other stats like crit, accuracy, etc.. the formula for attack speed goes as following: weapon base attack speed * character attack speed (you would add another one cuz rogue hold 2 weapons) so it goes like that ((weapon base attack speed * character attack speed) + (weapon base attack speed * character attack speed)) % 1.5 so for daggers it would be like that (considering the rogue has max attack speed) ((1.7 * 0.3) + (1.7 * 0.3)) / 1.5 = 0.68 so roughly daggers attack twice every second for swords its ((2.0 * 0.3) + (2.0 * 0.3)) % 1.5 = 0.8 just if you are interested about axes ((2.2 * 0.3) + (2.2 * 0.3)) % 1.5 = 0.88 so considering these numbers, for every 2~3 attacks the axe do, daggers do 1 more
  16. i though yelling in world chat for a party was some sort of matchmaking.... it could work by having roles? support, damager and tank the game would then pick 1 player matchmaking from support, one from damager and one from tanks and throw them into a party but then you have classes like charmer, templer, blade dancer, where do you put those? they could be used to fill slots if there are not enough player matchmaking in a certain category, but then what if there are not enough support classes matchmaking and a charmer or templer get thrown in that party would be unbalanced or capable to finish the dungeon ahhhh random mechanics are a pain xd
  17. the only defense the rogue has (beside armor) is dodge so i am totally fine with this, but still... its really scary
  18. i don't understand this language but i will do my best using google translate to help answering your questions Eu não entendo esse idioma, mas farei o meu melhor usando o google tradutor para ajudar a responder suas perguntas
  19. middle ground between AoE and single target? hmmm i actually can't come up with an answer that's satisfying @Higgings can you help us here?
  20. mostly AoE for PvN and single target for PvP for PvN(Player vs NPC's), AoE - PvN will mostly consist of dungeons, quests, solo farming, underwater territory events...etc you will be fighting multitude of enemies so it make sense to go for AoE life steal for PvP(Player vs Player), Single Target - PvP will be mostly arena, war, GvG events, castle wars...etc skill like sharp shadow gives you a 50% life steal if you have saturation active as well as 80% chance to stun the enemy at max level AoE skills might be useful in certain PvP scenarios and the other way is true about single target in PvN you can't get enough of the joy of going from 1k health to 9k health because of 1 steel hurricane that hit ~10 targets, its the best feeling
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