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  1. idk, as hunters have a skill that only provides 18% attack speed and nothing else, chieftains should be glad their skill provide something else as well but at the same time we have rogues with 35% attack speed and skill cooldown, it could pretty much be a flip of a coin for chieftains on what they get on a side not, with chieftains damage reduction skill, their heal skill and now remove negative effect and increase resistance stats, could chieftains tank better than dk? if it weren't for heavy armor + shield, they pretty much could, in term of defensive arsenal, seems like even chieftains have more skills than dk all in all, the skills look really cool and fun to play, and i am specially interested in the attack speed skill with maces
  2. it wont be enough, but if it could offer another play style for dks then i am all in for it
  3. i read somewhere, someone suggesting that secret reserve become a passive that trigger every time death knight block an attack and heal them based on their hp regen, like warden skill but with hp regen instead of health and idk i kinda like it, ofc it would need its numbers adjusted
  4. death knight needs some love, this has gone on long enough.... i, myself got tired of creating post asking about improving death knight
  5. There has been no official statement that i know of by devs on how much it absorb or what's the formula is, but I have a rough idea of how the skill work by eyeing the skill and doing my own testing so DONT TAKE THESE NUMBERS AT FACE VALUE they could be wrong and most likely are From testing and seeing other people tests I concluded that the skill absorb roughly 1 point of damage for every 27 point of armor, meaning that if you had 10k defense, the skill would absorb around 370 damage, IMPORTANT: the skill does not count increase in armor from buffs so aura of hatred 15% armor increase won't work on the skill, in the same sense shaman/druid shield does not increase the skill effect, charmer skill or any other skill does not increase the skill effectiveness, the skill only count raw armor, the skill could be buffed with icy relic of intractability, giving the skill a 40% increase in effect going from 1 damage for 27 armor to 1 damage for 16 armor if applied to the previous 10k armor, the skill would absorb roughly 625 damage Again a great skill for a basic one
  6. buff blood? sure, dark shield? not so much dark shield is one of the best basic defensive skill in game right now, i would go as far as say the skill is the pinnacle of basic skill in whole game, not only does it help you early game, it scale well with you late game, a thing that other classes basic skills don't do much, that's why every time a new update is released i read it with fear in me that dark shield could be nerfed or touched or maybe its not that great of a skill but because every other skill is bad i think of it as a great skill but for sure dark shield is the best skill dk have and forever will the best course of action right now for dk is to rebalance or rework its survivability skills, and survivability doesn't only mean damage reduction but also healing skills i.e (saturation, secret reserve and blood protection)
  7. i am just gonna copy what i wrote elsewhere. but i was trying my best not to comment... while other tanks having an easy to use heal, barbarian have combat fury that only requires max health for it to be effective and as a barbarian that easy to come by(also gives damage), paladin has an amazing basic healing skill, warden has passive that heals 10% at level 1 if he blocks a WHOLE 10% without even leveling the skill and all these skills have better cooldown and duration than dk skills, while dk skills, one need to invest heavily in hp regen to be effective, losing other defensive stats like block and life steal while having a 2 minute cooldown, and another that deal 10% of health as damage to tank and doesn't even last that long anyways, and even after getting that sweet 25% life steal bosses take little damage to none from tanks so no much to heal from there warden have an amazing constant 25% damage reduction, paladin has a shield and passive, barbarian have stone skin and last wish both passive and both amazing damage reduction skills, heck even blade dancer that is no longer considered a "tank" have better shield skill than blood protection, on the other hand dk only have his skill for 8 seconds then he gotta wait 10 seconds at most to use it again, really bad, dk is without a doubt the worst tank right now when the skill got first introduced it had 8s duration with a 12s cooldown going back to that is a good way to help dk
  8. this sucks... this guild hold a special place in my heart, i really hope for the dev team to do their best bringing it back and do it justice good luck guys!
  9. i like sam hain, he has a good fashion taste plus he's kinda cute
  10. it can't be reformulated... you are trying to make cloth armor wearers to be able to tank damage, which is not their job, you are complaining about cloth armor low defense, lets say cloth armor gave as much def as heavy armor or rings gave defensive stats, whats the point of tanks in the first place at that point? lets take mage for an example mage is advertised in the game as someone with a 2.5/5 defensive capabilities, which make sense if you include his defensive skills now lets look at warden you see warden have 5/5 in defensive capabilities, which make sense giving the class role and what it can do now if you have been paying attention you would see that the mage have more offensive capabilities than warden, a WHOLE 2.5 more, in short mage deal more damage than warden giving the idea of "lets go together, i will tank the damage and you deal the damage" or basically class roles now what YOU want it this or this having cloth armor with more def or rings with defensive stats will break the role system or more like "lets go do this dungeon together! i can tank the damage!" ~ "why would i go with you? i can deal damage and tank damage", how would you feel if warden wanted to have more damage points or more healing points and starting taking your job in game? or in simpler terms what nolan said might as well make your class like this while we at it now in regarding to your example suggestion on how to improve "long-range" defense, block requires a shield for it to actually work so it has no use for long range users at all so one of your ring suggestion is not viable at all while parry, even with all accessories + weapon having parry at most you can have 15%, seems to me that investing your stats in something more useful for a long ranged character will be better... this shows a lack of understanding for a class that you are playing and the game system in general
  11. also, blocking requires a shield, it make no sense for a staff/bow while these rings will provide no benefit for casters, tanks/damagers equipped with these will become broken reducing the usefulness of caster even more, you kinda shot yourself in the foot there in a PvE situation if you are a cloth gear wearer and you are tanking the dmg, there is something wrong with the party
  12. must of been fun! i join the game in 2012 and was in my early teen days at the time, didn't actually participate in Halloween since i was figuring the game out but i remember logging each day to do the firework quest, and then getting really disappointed when the quest is gone, thinking about it now make me really laugh
  13. just make a building, a dojo or somethin, that have different dummies in it
  14. i don't know, giving the rogue a movement speed factor might not be the best for them, they sure need something but its not movement speed. you shouldn't look ONLY at a class by only its profession, or just because a class is something they should have a skill related to that, an "assassin" should be fast or a "paladin" that could revive (like some other guy suggested), you should also see how that would effect the class in game his position in parties, in event, wars and more, how that skill would be beneficial for the class or how it could change that class play style all together also i don't know how seekers are not obligated to speed while rogues are, rogue stealth give them bonus damage while seeker stealth give movement speed, would you be willing to give up the bonus damage for speed? or are you asking for both? if so you are asking for too much
  15. that's really nice i always wondered about the actual size of shields in ws, because looking at character wielding them shields span from the character shoulder to its knees
  16. couldn't agree more, life steal did break the game system and cause new content to just be harder with more stuns and attack slow skills but still tanks have their job in mermen and raid bosses
  17. wardens has no reason to be disliked so that their only option is to go dmger to "keep alive in game" they are once of the best tank class in game, if the warden is getting disliked in elves side then i will be mean and say they are plain stupid well of course you just explained the game... there are roles for each class to go with, warden is a tank, in matter of fact he is THE tank, they are not meant to deal high amount of damage, their job is... once again to TANK, and like you said if you want to be a damage dealer just make a dmger class, well you can break the role barrier by doing what you did but that's extremely hard for average players, if you are creating a defense oriented class then expect to deal high damage with ease then come on... give me a break, warden is lacking in damage and the new skill stealing power is going in the right direction for the class and is in no way a bad skill (this was what the original topic was about) P.S: this is one hella of a warden you got there what book will you add when you unlock the last 2 expert slots?
  18. i get like 30~40k from questing every 3 days at least and that's me not being active that much, most quest are of killing town 3/4 mini bosses and bosses in ayvondil, labyrinth is old content but still give good gold and i can solo it so that a plus but i take weak players cuz why not, underwater territories quest are also great thou a bit harder for new players to the area, most people are just lazy and want gold to just appear in their inventory over night
  19. now this is content xd great editing and a good build, combining 2 great games to make something greater minecraft is truly a beautiful game, the lead developer for minecraft words could not be better "the world would be a better place if everyone played minecraft" good job
  20. yes this is the problem as a whole... the warden was given so much defensive capabilities that it became unstable, its doesn't actually matter if their damage is lacking, as long as they out defend their enemies they will eventually win, or their enemies get bored and attack a different target, the most common word i saw in any event, war, GvG, mermen...etc is "Ignore warden, attack someone else" its nothing short of a fact that wardens got to much in term of defend than they needed will this was balanced to a degree with the damage reduction skill nerf from 50% to 25% the opposite could be said about DK, they didn't get much in term of defensive skills, what they had got really nerfed, they don't have proper healing skills and the more new content appeared, the more they get insignificant at doing their job, the DK could simply be described as "outdated", all this is in a PvE point of view thou i don't think PvP is much different
  21. i am still trying to figure out how a DK with 2h axe managed to get 1k mdamage
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