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  1. OMG Charmer so good these videos really show what charmer can really do May you tell me your skill build normal and experts
  2. wait all dk expert are physical?, lets see death call is magical, sharp shadow is magical, blow of silence surprisingly also magical, the only physicals damage skills he have are thorn and steel hurricane + pala have a heal skill so why dk can't?, dk is sooo much like pala he have magical/buff skills, the only deference is that pala buffs can be applied to allies and dk buffs are only applied on self, secret reserve need a lot of base hp regen for it to do something and a good deff so that the dk can within stand some damage until the skill do it's effect, i killed a lot of dk's before there SR can do anything
  3. I am not sure but i think you can get those from ayvondil dungeons and bosses, like 80k and 90-200k
  4. thank you!, and even if they didn't do it for the excuse that there is no space at least, At least they could add it here http://ws-db.ru/classes and tell us that a more detailed skills guide is in the website
  5. how i think it should go is, killing an none alliance character want change anything but killing an alliance from your legion would effect your repetition
  6. its not hard!,i read the topic cooldown and energy cost is already in the skills description so adding more description to a skill wont harm them we can always scroll down and up on some skills so adding more stuff to a skill wont change anything take this skill for example cooldown and mana cost are already in description so forget about them, fixed damage of the skill is not necessary chance to stun, stun duration and the 3 additionals are what needed to be added, after all assuming this topic is correct adding more skill description is important, and they need to find a way to do it just saying that a skill do something is not enough, we need to know how much it do
  7. Yeah...That's true xD there is no balanced mmorpg, because it's impossible
  8. Ogull

    Alchemy system

    yeah it would be amazing
  9. I totally agree with this idea! it will bring the game back to live, instead of adding new skill/ new maps/ new armor add something else as a change
  10. This topic is a follow up to the Detailed skill description here So when new classes came out better skills description came with them, But old classes did not get any Updated skill description I came up with an idea on how the new skill description should work, and in my opinion its a good way to update skill description even on new classes as people might not see the change in description or not notice it (specially new players), so this way might help fix everything I tired my best to demonstrate how they should look like, so here they are this way you could read everything about the skill and each skill have its own development description
  11. there is no video xD
  12. Yeah... what i did was just an example on how they should work damage skills should show how much they do depend on there level and the character damage and shield/ buff skills should show how much they last and the % of what they do
  13. I tired my best to demonstrate what i mean so here they are
  14. if they do it like the way they do for example death knight dark shield, how could they do it is like this Last : 1min 30sec absorb : 10% chance to absorb : 40% and each time you level the skill up they change these stats could go under cooldown and the skill description can be at the bottom
  15. I am fully aware of that, but what make him think i am a dk?..... cuz i am defending my class?
  16. I have all classes at least level 18(except new classes), But you have to talk with reason when you see something totally wrong! it does not matter what class i am, if someone relying on amplfy to beat everyone, He is totally wrong, i wont lie amplfy has its effect, but it wont work alone, Having more damage or defense does not make you better, belive me a +2,3or4 can easly kill a +8,9or10, because as much as amplfy matter brain also matter
  17. I saw a pala crit heal 2k and his skill is not even expert skill. so.............xd
  18. its funny how you talking about nerfs and unbalanced classes, games like warspear is hard to balance because if you nerfed the dk then other classes are op and if you nerfed them then dk op again, there is NO way you could balance the classes of a game + dk stun cycle is hard to pull off as and you need at least lvl 24-28 and even then you might fail and your stun might get a dodge sharp shadow might not work, most of dk stuns are normal attack based meaning he need to attack you after activating a skill to do its effect and that's an issue because you might fail/dodge/parry/block/..etc so its hard to stun, (example) why taking the joy of a rouge when he think hard and max his dodge skill on order to dodge other class stuns and how you reward him for it by nerfing his class? the funny thing is that when secret reserve came out everyone called it a shitty skill and useless like how they call charmer useless and when someone think hard and get a nice build for his charmer and people see him and do like him, everyone will say that charmer is op and shout at the devs to nerf him, so someone go full heath regen build and buy secret reserve because he thought that's a nice build you get mad of him of that? and call his class op? dk's are not op you THINK how to counter them! (There is a deference between nerfing a class and killing a class, you all suggestion killing dk's and lock's)
  19. you are right but they don't resist always ;), you don't have other option for high level charmers as the beast from call skill will always have 1500 heal at 5/5 even if you are 14 or 24, your attack might get higher thus the beast attack will be as will but 1500hp is shit he will die in no time and you cant do anything about it because you dont have a agrro skill, and the stun skill will also be resisted by bosses sometimes if not every time, so your only option is to get defense reduction for your charmer it will also help in arena vs high amped death knight and barbarian even warden will be annoyed by your 35% defense reduction, i see the charmer as a support more than a tank for party's but for soloing stuff a tank build with what i said before is maybe the best
  20. I agree hot bars are becoming an issue for me as a dk, dk's have 6 active skills and 1 passive and it's hard to keep switching between them also i have ferocity book which make it even harder i have to keep switching my hot bars all the time for what you say barb have the best skill build for he have 2 passives and that give him the ability to use all his skills i think developers did that so player could think of a build instead of buying everything and spamming skills at each other
  21. Ogull

    Seeker Builds

    Try this for arena Main dmg skill 3/5 penetration skill 5/5 stealth 5/5 shield 1/5 slow skill 1/5 try building penetration weapons and gear it will help alot
  22. well it depend on what you are going and your level 1 - 5/5 fatal shot, 5/5 stunning shot and 3/5 poisoned arrow 2 - 5/5 fatal shot, 5/5 combat stance and 3/5 stunning shot there are are lot of build you could go, maybe you want dodge build in that case you go 5/5 Hunter's agility for experts arrow of silence and arrow of confusion, for arena they are really good and for pve maybe explosive arrow and Mountie instincts for more dps Note about the 2nd build combat stance consume lot of energy, 8 unites per 4 second to be sure so building energy regeneration is a need hope i helped
  23. this class is really good, from its expert skills to its equipment, i recommend 5/5 on heal 5/5 on defense reduce 3/5 on damage skill, for expert, eye of darkness 4/4 it give 35% bonus armor and overworldly blessing at 4/4 for more durability it give 2% max hp 3% max mana and 8% block, overworldly fire will be also good but not needed as it have unlimited targets vs monsters for equipment maybe heave armor for solo dgs and bosses and cloth and staff for party support charmer have great powers in the right hands
  24. Hi! i am going talk about more skills that i thought off this is part 2 if you didnt see part 1 and want to here it is anyway here are the skills Multi-Hit this skill bewitches the weapon in order to increase the attack speed of the character to max for the next attack a spear must be equipped for this skill to work Skill development stats : level 1 - last 3 second, 1 hit at max speed level 2 - last 4 second, 1 hit at max speed level 3 - last 5 second, 2 hit at max speed level 4 - last 6 second, 3 hit at max speed Information about the skill : - What i mean by max attack speed is that the attack speed parameter will get to 100% for the next attack ONLY! - at max level the character will be able to hit 3 times at max attack speed - the skill buff will end in either the character attack or the buff time end - as the skill description say a spear must be equipped for this skill to work - when the character is doing his 3 hits at max attack speed if the character use a skill or move the effect will be cut and end Beast Form Change the character form into a mighty beast that have increase physical damage and hp but reduced move speed and attack speed Skill development stats : level 1 - increase damage by 10% and hp by 15%, reduce move speed by 30% and attack speed by 30% level 2 - increase damage by 15% and hp by 20%, reduce move speed by 25% and attack speed by 25% level 3 - increase damage by 20% and hp by 25%, reduce move speed by 20% and attack speed by 20% level 4 - increase damage by 25% and hp by 30%, reduce move speed by 15% and attack speed by 15% Information about the skill : - this skill will take 1 second for the character to change, enemy's will be able to attack him in this time - that beast form will last 1min at all levels Hand of justice Drop and hand made of stone from the sky that deal physical damage and reduce the enemy defense the damage and the reduce time and amount will increase as the development of the skill skill development stats : level 1 - 150 physical damage 10% reduce last 5 second level 2 - 200 physical damage 12% reduce last 6 second level 3 - 250 physical damage 15% reduce last 7 second level 4 - 350 physical damage 20% reduce last 8 second Information about the skill : - the damage reduce will be applied after the damage so the skill will not increase it own damage Ranger Wrath Ranger will shoot 3 arrows with a 0.5 second in between each arrow will do its own effect, first arrow will deal physical damage to the enemy second arrow will poison the enemy third arrow will stun the enemy, the ranger will be immobilize at the time of the skill Skill development stats : level 1 - 200 damage 3 second of poison debuff and 1 second of stun level 2 - 250 damage 4 second of poison debuff and 1.5 second of stun level 3 - 300 damage 5 second of poison debuff and 2 second of stun level 4 - 350 damage 6 second of poison debuff and 2.5 second of stun Information about the skill : - The ranger will not be able to move during the effect of the skill - the skill will take 3 second to be fully casted Hope! If casted on allies will add a buff if an allie died while the buff is active after death the allie will respawn at the same place he died with half of max hp and enengy Skill development stats : level 1 - buff last 3 second level 2 - buff last 4 second level 3 - buff last 5 second level 4 - buff last 6 second Information about the skill : - the buff need to be active on the character to revive Over hit Attack that always deal critical hit and applied bleeding to the enemy Skill development stats : level 1 - bleed last 3 second level 2 - bleed last 4 second level 3 - bleed last 5 second level 4 - bleed last 6 second Information about the skill : - this skill will always crit hit but dodge and other defense stats will work on it Hope you liked the skills i thought off and i might make more
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