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  1. 3 hours ago, Khrone said:

    Ok, i have a Magical Damager DK and after this update, i need Saturation in my build.

    So i'll use:

    Knight's Curse 4/4

    Saturation 4/4


    What should be my 3rd full skill? I was thinking between Sharp Shadow and Steel Hurricane

    Or maybe even a defensive one if i'm gonna be a oof-tank or something

    if you are going to use saturation then sharp shadow is a good choice, their interaction with each other will give a really good healing plus its good for both PvP and PvE. if you are mainly going for PvE then steel would be the better choice here for life stealing with the AoE damage from hordes of mobs

    the safest way to do a skill build is going for 1 damaging skill, 1 healing skill and 1 defensive skill.

    for the damaging skill, its either sharp shadow, curse, steel or even death call depending on what you are using the dk for

    the healing skill could either be saturation or secret reserve

    and the same should apply to defensive skills. like aura of hatred, blood protection or recently even secret reserve


    you could deviate from this basic formula depending on how your dk is doing, for example if you feel like you have enough armor/defense then you could drop the defensive skill in favor of more dmg or healing


    or there is the case of not wanting to tank at all, in that case you will go for a 2 damage, 1 healing, 0 defense kinda build

  2. 5 minutes ago, Khrone said:

    Now we just need a "anti-overlap" effect for it to be perfect



    But i'm not gonna wish for the death of all my enemies after defeating my first one (translation: i'm not gonna ask for too much)





    just wait for them to use their resist skill and spam multiable fires on top of them :troll_face1:

  3. 19 hours ago, Khrone said:

    Tank DKs probably won't use it for a very simple reason: There's no damage.

    i have to disagree with this little point, while what you said is true, if you have enough life steal even if you dont have much damage you will still see favorable results. with the new change dk can get +50% life steal without even trying! the skill is great in any situation and is the best thing to ever happen to dk!

  4. this is a really difficult thing to talk about. Devs seems to be forcing the magical damage dk into existence which i don't have a problem with.


    to sum it up, personally i think its better to go with physical damage for tanking and magical for anything else. now what i mean by tanking is mermen dungeon, mythic sea and end game content and raid bosses and that's for the simple reason that going for magical build will hurt ur defensive stats. now don't get me wrong, you still could pull through with magical damage, but it would be much easier with physical damage.


    looking at what they did to steel hurricane for example, the skill will deal much more damage with magical build, roughly 75% more damage at all level (based on my own calculations). that means that you could deal 1k damage with 900 physical damage, but could deal the same with merely 500 magical damage or so. to me, this seems like favoritism to magical damage dks and more so will hurt the class itself simply because instead of giving the dk 2 paths to chose from, with similar outcome or 2 paths each for certain reason, they made 1 path seem much, much more appealing than the other. but at the same time, magic damage dk reaching the same amount of damage with less magical damage will allow the dk to tank as good without worrying about his damage a lot


    my thoughts are all jumbled and to be honest i'm a bit confused... i need to wait for the test servers to open to make a clearer answer.

  5. 17 hours ago, Holmes said:

    icon_skill_saturation.png Saturation 

    • Changed the skill type from active with continuous energy drain to an active skill of continuous effect: reducing energy regeneration by  7 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 units. 
    • The skill no longer costs health to activate.
    • Added a visual effect for the skill.

    how will the interaction with sharp shadow work now? now that the skill have continuous effect, will every sharp shadow blow heal the dk

  6. 5 hours ago, Holmes said:

    icon_class_02.png Death Knight


    icon_skill_saturation.png Saturation 

    • Changed the skill type from active with continuous energy drain to an active skill of continuous effect: reducing energy regeneration by  7 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 units. 
    • The skill no longer costs health to activate.
    • Added a visual effect for the skill.

    icon_skill_steel_hurricane.png Steel Hurricane 

    • Increased the magical damage of the skull: 75 \ 90 \ 115 \ 145 % of magical power, to  90 \ 115 \ 145 \ 190 % of magical power.

    icon_skill_secret_reserves.png Secret Reserves 

    • The skill now reduces the received damage from monsters by 5 \ 10 \ 15 \ 20 %, while it is on cooldown.
    • The healing now starts immediately upon using the skill. 

    icon_exp_sk_v9_1.png Knight's Curse 

    • Reduced the damage of the skill: from 120 \ 160 \ 180 \ 220 % of magical power to 110 \ 130 \ 155 \ 180 % of magical power.

    Developer commentary: Due to the specifics of their defensive skills, the Death Knight had difficulty tanking monsters with high burst damage, which made them subpar compared to another Legion tank - the Barbarian. Changing the skill "Secret Reserves" will help fix the situation. 





  7. 4 hours ago, hitmanz said:

    You think only you know much this about game??that why all you doing and ur commen here is wrong coze you only think about ur self. We talking about all people and differen char for reblance and make that wd skill rebalance with other char

    forget about warden and barbarian skills, you do realize that what you are suggesting is 40% chance to completely negate damage? for tanks?(or more like for any class that can wield a shield). parry can already reach 30% and that's extremely good if used correctly... and parry only block melee attacks.


    i want you to sit with me for a minute and think about it clearly, you are suggesting that any class that wield a shield to have the ability, with enough block, to negate 40% of any attack that come at them. regardless of if they used skills or buffs


  8. 10 hours ago, Legix said:

    Yes, the dk really needs a viable defensive skill, however nothing in it should be based on the "block" parameter, limiting the skill to a parameter that most dks don't use is a really bad idea.


    As I said, the skill can be based on the amount of hp, on stealing life, on parameters that every dk uses, or based in nothing is a option too...


    i really don't know from which point you are talking... beside maybe magic damage based dks(who use 2handed weapons). virtually all dks use block. as long as its a class that wield a shield. its without a doubt a class that will use block, its the main parameter for tank/defensive class both PvP and PvE


    the suggestion didn't limit the skill to block parameter but allowed the skill to be further improved by it.

  9. 23 hours ago, Legix said:

    I support the suggestions, dk needs damage reduction, however, I disagree with your rework on blood protection, dk different from brb or wd does not use blocking, it doesn't make much sense for it to benefit from this parameter 


    I would recommend that blood protection reduce damage based on the amount of hp left.

    are you serious??? dk is a tank as much as any other tank as well as a class that wield a shield, ofc he uses block.

    by your logic before stone skin was buffed it didnt make sense for a barbarian to build block cuz he didnt have a skill that benefit from it


    paladin already has a skill that reduce damage based on amount of hp left "Inner Force" and its the worst skill the class have.

  10. On 12/2/2021 at 6:06 PM, AntraxXL said:

    -> Blood protection:
      - Increase buff time by 2s;
      - add a new effect:
        within the time the skill is active, each block will give 1 stack of
        protection, each stack will give an extra 2s on the duration of the skill's effect, maximum
        accumulations is 3.
      - Decrease the effect from 50% to 40%


    Blood protection example (4/4): You used the skill, it will stay active for
    10 seconds, within that time each time you block will give 1 pile of protection.
    When the skill runs out, the stacks will be consumed and will extend the duration of the
    skill depending on how many stacks you have.
      NOTE: Maximum stacks is 3 and only blocks for the first 10s will count stacks.

    Dk doesn't have any abilities that benefit from BLOCKING, so I decided to raise the
    duration of blood protection and put on a new effect that needs the BLOCK.

    this is a really amazing suggestion! really well thought out! my problem with this skill besides the low duration is the fact that when activated i will block/parry most attacking during its time making the skill quite inefficient. a really nice way to buff the skill as well as incorporate a defensive stat into it and make it more "required" for dk. if someone manage to get 3 stack which is quite easy then you will get 16 seconds duration on the skill! with its cooldown being 22sec you could make it permaused with enough cooldown reduction


    everything suggested here is really nice and a fresh take on the dk problem. really well done! :thumbsup:

  11. 3 hours ago, Santa Claus said:

    Then ppl with resist skill would fid their skill useless it would be better is skill can be placed in area . It does have high dmg but its easily avoidable and after that u just need to stun dk or silence it and it would have 0 dmg

    the outcome wont change regardless, in both ways you will have fire under your target

    3 hours ago, Santa Claus said:

    Then ppl with resist skill would fid their skill useless

    1 skill out of over 100 still got used even after being resisted would make resist skills useless :/. like you said they could just stun or silence the dk and walk off of it, again. regardless of what you said or i did, the outcome would still be the same... having cursed zone under your target. what i merely suggested was that the 25% bonus damage stays but the cursed zone will get used regardless if the target resisted the skill or not, this would also fix the problem with the skill not working on war flags, gvg pylons, castle door etc.

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