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  1. how far would a death knight go to be good? @Higgings i came back to fulfill my promise
  2. my suggestion is to make the wings appear covering the dk for a flash like 0.25 second when the dk get hit and the skill get triggered
  3. actually now that i think about it, maybe getting aura of hatred would be the best option, its boost damage increasing your curse damage(or any other skill you get later) as well as boost your defense, all in all a great skill if you gonna max it
  4. if this gonna give better idea on what you want, this is a video with a 1500 magical damage death knight
  5. if you are looking for PvE damage then take steel hurricane since it now deal damage depending on your most prevailing damage type
  6. again, i am not saying you are wrong, you are right. however good luck tank those monster you aggroed with death call
  7. great build guide! i understand the use of spring accessories for cd, but why use golden dawn set instead of arena set? if this build is mana hungry a combination of both mana regen PvE set and arena would be better, or crafted snow set for some resistance
  8. each hit. what you probably thought about is 80% * 4 (cause 4 hits) = 320% and steel is just a 120%,looking at it that way... you are right in that regard but what you should remember is that a physical death knight can reach +900 damage easily with 1 hand weapon and +1200 damage easily with 2 hand weapon while at the same time maintain his authority as a tank a death knight with magical damage will reach +700 damage with difficulty if 1 hand weapon and +900 damage really really hard with 2 handed weapon and i am being really generous for magical damage death knight, mind you by doing that magical damage death knight will need to use magical damage accessories and 2 hand weapon to boost their damage, effectively losing any defensive stats a shield and "norma tank" accessories would've given thus failing at you objective of being a.. well "tank" that's why magical damage death knights fail as a concept or a way to play in general, the use of magical damage for death knight should be a secondary thing and never, never a primary way of dealing damage, will unless you are a wannabe warlock ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. wut? death call doesn't deal more damage than steel, death call barely deal any damage
  10. probably not, because its uses the total armor from defense tab this should be said about 90% of skills description, new skills have better description but idk why old once aren't updated
  11. i talked about this way back in 2019, topic below but basically the skill calculate your armor and give you a buff that reduce damage ONCE ITS CASTED rather than every hit or real time PS: i am glad you didn't give up on your dk
  12. i am still a strong believer of the skill, i feel like its what give death knight his "uniqueness", plus to me its the only skill that gives dk proper recovering but compared to other tanks recover skill with no drop backs, this skill is worthless
  13. do you still have saturation at max level? or did you change build
  14. i am amazed at how this class preform well in PvE, its capabilities to recover damage, its skills to absorb/reduce damage while at the same time buff the team and be a support and a tank, really such a strong class... that or i am over evaluating it because i am a death knight this is interesting, i didn't think about the idea of damage reduction increasing scared shield longevity, with the 32 armor set... really this skill get more impressive the more i know about it oh i almost forgot, great guide
  15. don't worry! it can deal magical damage!!!
  16. no. that's the damage for each hit it depends on the situation, clearly curse do more than hurricane and deal more damage than hurricane, but it drop in value by the fact that its a stationary skill and enemies could just walk away from it, not to mention the fact that it could pretty much be resisted by the target overall i would say that curse is the better magical damage skill thou it need more planning and care into casting it, than the simple hurricane "click button = profit"
  17. that was not what i am trying to say if you can provide help to make this guide even more accurate then by all mean voice your concern and correction thank you very much, i will be looking into the skill some more
  18. as sure as i can get, i did disclaim that all information is from testing the condition for the result may vary depending on the dk, also what target did you hit? if its not a dummy, then the target will reduce the damage with their armor hence the difference in numbers may you tell me how much magical damage you had, how much the skill dealt and what level is the skill at
  19. good question, but you are asking the wrong guy if i have to guess the reason, it would be because it would be broken, because the more you reach the 80% max physical resistance the more the skill will absorb damage, reaching the 1k damage absorb when triggered and even more
  20. because the skill is tied to world time (or for the lack of a better term "server time") instead of skill time, most passives if not all are like that, meaning they are not effected by cooldown reduction, dying or leaving arena
  21. lol great job! is there someone even competing against you?
  22. i don't think they are not getting hit but more like run faster which give them better chance of evading the damage and on that note wouldn't classes that can jump be better at doing this? like mage or paladin, even blade dancer rush is better at doing that section than seeker
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