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  1. Seriously thou... when
  2. seem there are a lot of people who are exploring the magic damage death knight build, and while yes death knight have 4 magical damage skills, and while yes they seem good, and yes you could technically go for a magical build, a lot of complication come with the build, personally i would love for magical damage oriented knight to be a reality but currently there are some major problems with the build. exhibit A: it's accessibility. magic damage come from accessories and weapon ( or at least that where you can get it for in our case TANKS ), and this play a big role on what you are trying to do, because as far as i know there are no rings that have magical damage and lets say block or health regen, or any other parameter that would be considered useful for a tank, same goes for cape and amulets, you can't have magic damage only from your weapon, and this bring us to the second part, weapon, now there are a lot of option to go for, either its a weapon with a physical damage as a main and magical as a sub like spears or physical maces, or a weapon with magical as a main and physical as a sub like 1h/2h magic maces, and to be honest the best option to go for here are spear or physical maces, because you can't afford to have low physical damage, you need to sacrifice lot of things to achieve your goal. exhibit B: it's reliability. this really is a simple as its is, how useful is magical damage knights, and how do they work in arena and with party's, as a tank your a required to be first and to take hits for the team, simply speaking magical damage is good for PvP and not so good for PvE for PvP its good to have magical damage, to work well with sharp shadow and exhilaration of darkness and with the combination with blow of silence, you'd be a force to be reckoned with, however i do not recommend overdoing it with magical damage, 200~300 magical damage seem to be the sweet spot. as for PvE, its actually a bad idea to go for magical damage, now what i am mean about in PvE, is dungeons and raid bosses, 80~90~200k bosses..etc, basically anything that would requires you to tank hits, from bosses or hords of enemy's, you would need your AoE skill, and while death call is a magical skill thats good for PvE, compared to steel hurricane damage, there isn't even a need to compare them, mostly death call is only used for its aggro. at the end i really wish for devs to explore magic death knight more, and make at an actual useful build, it would make an already great class even greater. final advice: if you are planning to go magical, don't overdo it... it might backfire at you. td;lr for PvP: yes its good, for sharp shadow, exhilaration of darkness and blow of silence, thou don't add to much magical damage 200~300 magical damage is good enough. for PvE: no its not good, you will need your point for defensive skills, all death knight magical skills are useless for PvE since most are single target skills, or deal low damage
  3. what the hell, I'm speechless, amazing guides. really well organized right!, a conversation about dks can go on for hours! i would say his #1 in all game thou that just me i have a question, why the stun on a level 20-25 PvE, really doesn't seem that useful, specially on boots, seem like adding cd would be better to spam skills great guide, was nice to see your take on death knight
  4. tbh all classes nowadays can reach 10k hp or defense, almost all classes can perma stun, it really make me worry about roles in the game and how they play out in the future if new levels and gear just keep getting added
  5. can't wait to see what you're gonna talk about!, thou i have an idea of what's it gonna be about unfortunately, i can't participate this time around good luck guys and gals
  6. for level 18-20 i recommend a combination of golden dawn and divine defense for extra defense from set bonuses these gear wont need to be changed until you reach level 26 where there will be better gear, if you want to change ofc for level 26 i recommend replacing divine defense with defender of the immortal order, now you can go with that set or if you can amp your gear to lets say +8 or more then i recommend replacing golden dawn with crafted gear, the ideal set is to have boots and chest defender of the immortal order as for the rest of the gear, (belt, helmet and gloves) crafted will do the job, some people even reach around 10k armor without gears with set bonuses or gear with set bonuses other than defense as for skills - getting aura of hatred is essential it give an increase of 15% to both magical and physical, armor and damage at max level - maxing dark shield is also important, it has an 80% chance to work with your armor to ignore some dmg - blood protection gives a 50% damage reduction at max level ( thou i don't recommend maxing it) - saturation and secret reserve got a lot of nerfs recently, so i wouldn't recommend them over the skills i said before there is much more i could add, but lets stop here good luck!
  7. https://discord.gg/DqtczA this is the only discord server i know of, idk if there are others, but this one have even devs in it and i think its the most popular
  8. Ogull

    dk speed

    death knight, while have been receiving nerfs for last updates is still one of the best/amazing classes in this game, maybe the "weakness" you see is not that with the class and its lack of damage skills? but more of a weakness in your weapon choice? i might be going overboard here, but there is not a single advantage for 2 handed weapons over 1h/shield i mean i shouldn't have to say this but, isn't what make a tank a tank, is equipping shield? and using it? it always boils down to this mind set which both factions say about each other, they try to blame anything around instead of looking for a new build, think of a new strategy...etc and it is complete and utter nonsense this line really hurt, it tapped into my soul, death knight is one of the best tank in game, i really just wish from the bottom of my heart that they never touch dark shield in next updates, i would cry if they did
  9. i see... to treat these places like some sort of dungeon, like how dungeons need stams when x time is over, great idea
  10. Ogull

    dk speed

    i don't think dk need a dmg skill right now, dk is a tank and you don't give a tank a dmg skill (unless your a bd) maybe make 2 handed weapons better instead of giving classes skills?, or make skills that require 2h weapons to be used? like how we have specific skills that require shields to be used
  11. maybe try posting this in suggestions for devs to see, great idea none the less
  12. sometimes i am glad that i'm a full PvE player
  13. Skin description a head of a multi colored balloon, wearing a black hat and a hanger black pants, with a white undershirt originated from my desire to ride an hot air balloon, that i know i won't be able to in my life. it's said that he keeps weights in his hat so that his head won't fly off... Ogull - EU-Emerald original art x4 art
  14. you talking about exhalation of darkness? i would prefer if stun was inresistable over the magic damage the whole point of the skill is its stun, the magic damage is just a bonus, you use the kill to stun opponents not to inflect magic damage to them as much as i want dk to have a magic damage oriented build, this skill in particular should is useful for its stun, i can't prefer its magical damage over its stun on that note however, update 8.2...
  15. YES! I agree with everything said in this post, having other stuff to do in game beside questing or fighting should be a given in any rpg game we now have crafting but we should have more, thus i present my take on this Alchemy or potion making to be specific the world of arinar is filled with many ingredient that can be got from monster drops, plants and herbs from the ground and generally these items are only used for blue quests. - any town shop will be selling empty flasks or viles that the player can buy, there should be a tab similar to crafting that the player can access for alchemy - adding 1 empty flask, 1 crafting scroll ( the same once used for crafting ) and from 1 to 4 "ingredients" to make potions - now the special thing about alchemy is that there will not be a potion menu to see potions and what items they need, instead you will have a "learned" section that will show you the potion you learned, you can learn new potion recipes by experimenting with different ingredients - any potion made will first be a "unstable potion" when drinked by you or anyone else, the player will know the potion effect and it will be learned and added to your learned potions menu - different areas and maps will have different items drops that will have different potions to make, now once someone get to learn a new potion recipe they can either keep the knowledge for himself and monopolies its market or share it with other, ofc other people can learn how to make the same potions recipes without knowing
  16. well how about that! it just happened to me lmao it also happen to me in chines and Russian
  17. yeah what does it do? @warspearfanatic it look to me as some sort of minion that is stuck to you, wouldn't benefit dk that much depending on what it do well if its some kind of armor then it might work, here's my take on it! Dark Guardian Envelope the death knight with a skeleton armor causing any damage received to be transferred to the armor. any skill used by the death knight will instead be casted on the armor, the armor attack the same target the death knight is attacking and will deal damage to all enemy's 1 yard from the initial target, although the armor is melee it will have 2-3 yard reach do to its long hand's, leveling the skill will increase the armor health and duration of effect, if the skill is maxed, any skill used by death knight will be casted on both him and the armor might of went overboard but hey its a suggestion
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