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  1. 3 hours ago, Santa Claus said:

    Then ppl with resist skill would fid their skill useless it would be better is skill can be placed in area . It does have high dmg but its easily avoidable and after that u just need to stun dk or silence it and it would have 0 dmg

    the outcome wont change regardless, in both ways you will have fire under your target

    3 hours ago, Santa Claus said:

    Then ppl with resist skill would fid their skill useless

    1 skill out of over 100 still got used even after being resisted would make resist skills useless :/. like you said they could just stun or silence the dk and walk off of it, again. regardless of what you said or i did, the outcome would still be the same... having cursed zone under your target. what i merely suggested was that the 25% bonus damage stays but the cursed zone will get used regardless if the target resisted the skill or not, this would also fix the problem with the skill not working on war flags, gvg pylons, castle door etc.

  2. these are all unique and really well thought out effect, really great suggestion.

    thou some numbers seem a bit to much...

    for example, a 16% damage increase to all target effected by fateful connection seem a bit to much, this could become overpowered really fast considering this effect last 30secs and legion AoE prowess... maybe the initial target gets 16% and all target effected by fateful connection gets half that?


    3 hours ago, Rhaast said:

    Skeleton strength increases by 15 - 18 - 21 - 25% if there is at least one corpse near the summoning area.

    i like this effect specially:giveheart:

  3. nice job!:thumbsup:


    due to there being a lot of sets of gear with physical armor as the first set bonus, dk as well as any other heavy armor wearing class. can reach considerable amount of armor, showing that paying real money or having +10 gear is not really needed to play the game and enjoy it

    also at 1:10 secret reserve did a really great job

  4. 2 hours ago, Raislin said:

    Rogue is a 1v1 character

    this is exactly the problem with the class, a class that excel at 1v1 won't find much use in a game that disencourage 1v1 and try to move away from it, regardless the class is really good in PvP but need better improvement in PvE. i don't necessarily agree with this post suggestions, but rogue superiority in PvP shouldn't hinder their progress in PvE.

  5. 8 hours ago, Filipe Ramon said:

    the fact that you have to keep clicking on the skill, as as a tank you have to focus on keeping the monsters focused on you.

    Yes! That's what I've been trying to say for the longest time


    8 hours ago, Filipe Ramon said:

    In the case of this skill the most practical way to adjust would be to turn it into passive as a lasting defense (5% *10 stacks). What would not be so Overpower compared to other Tank classes and would make sense in the DK's kit,

    This is another wonderful suggestion for the skill :clapping:and the more we give our suggestions regarding the skill, the more likely for it to change


    8 hours ago, Filipe Ramon said:

    It's amazing how great the class's skills are, but they're extremely nerfed.

    I agree. The class skills are amazing and unique, but the bad numbers make this class a disappointed for anyone new trying the class

  6. 12 minutes ago, Kaesarz said:

    I'm not against any changes they decide against the paladin, but the sacred shield is the only skill that makes the paladin useful as a semi-tank, and the only defensive skill that actually works as a defense.

    i agree. scared shield is the only defensive skill paladin has, if for some reason the skill is getting a nerf, inner force should get a buff to make up for it

  7. 7 minutes ago, Speedom said:

    Btw, paladin dmg reduction is trash because at 4/4 with 50% hp, they only get 10% reduction. However, they do have a better way of tanking with hp build. Paladins always needed a healer unless the player money dumps into it. Trust me, paladins are not that strong as a tank without strong investment.

    i agree inner force is trash, but i was talking about scared shield. beside if a paladin have access to a castle and its potion, then lord have mercy on any healer that tries to heal more than them, but even without them still a 10sec heal is way better than a 2minutes 1:pensative:

    7 minutes ago, Speedom said:

    Besides, bring a healer into the party. Tired of hearing "healers are useless now".

    we can always nerf all other tanks to the level of dks :cat2: then you will have 3 classes worth of people complaining instead of 1

  8. 7 hours ago, Santa Claus said:

    We already have dark shield and i dont see reason why would we need same skill again . In my opinion blood should have more duration or less cd.   This skill is it doesnt work while u are stunned bcs u cant activate it so it wouldnt be a problem to deal with it and wont  be so op.

    again. the point i was trying to get at is that you can't have an increase in duration or a decrease in cd while keeping 50% damage reduction the same. the skill will completely be unfair. if we give the skill a 12sec duration or a 18-15sec cooldown, dk will have, with enough work. permanent 50% damage reduction(even if the skill will have at most 2-3sec in between uses), the last thing we want is a repeat of warden's permanent 50% damage reduction. you need to think outside of the skill alone. if we only give a buff to the skill without a decrease in anything, then dk's with 50% damage reduction + dark shield + 30/25% damage reduction from mermen will start popping up and not being killed by anyone and will become the new town tank. I more than anyone wants a buff to dk, but we gotta be reasonable here.


    8 hours ago, Santa Claus said:

    Aura seems good but doesnt give much value to spent x3 skill point on it (bcs u cant perma cycle if u dont max it).


    15 hours ago, Fortuno said:

    Which is 15% increase, which is neglibile. Frankly speaking, it's a joke.

    the skill gives me ~1540 armor, which i find quite nice. the skill gives 15% increase for a whole 45sec, as far as i know, no other tank got such an ability except paladin. and even that only increase armor

    if what you are asking for is a skill that makes you able to tank without regard to gear, other stats and skills then i don't know what to say :piggy:

    also, lets not forget that the skill also gives 15% damage increase as well for... again, a WHOLE 45 SECONDS, if your asking for a increase in armor, what would happen to the damage increase? are you fine with it being removed? does it stay the same? or are you asking for both of them to be increased???


    6 hours ago, Speedom said:

    The ones that have high defense are the ones complaining of not have a good heal skill because they want to go to dg without a healer.

    no. what we are complaining about is, why are every other tank capable of going to a dg without healer while dk can't? why every other tank got a permanent damage reduction skill(mostly a passive that doesnt even need a skill slot or mana) while dk only get a 8sec damage reduction? why every other tank got at most 45sec heal while dk have 2 minute heal? what we are asking for is for dk to be placed in the same level as what his colleagues tanks can do, it is a well known fact that dk is a 1 vs many tank, that shines the most when tanking horde of mobs. however recently the game is going for low amount of really strong mobs with stuns and highly damaging skills, endgame content is becoming insufferable for dk, the more and more you play your dk the more and more you come to realize that, specially at endgame raid bosses and dgs


    I'll say it again. what dk needs the most is sustainable continues/permanent  damage reduction as well as a better form of healing.

  9. death knight need something for sure, but you are giving bad examples.

    improving blood protection IMO shouldn't be with new effect to the skill but rather rebalancing of numbers


    1 hour ago, Fortuno said:

    Shaman's get to remove debuffs, DK's get nothing really.

    you shouldn't compare a healing/supporting class to a tank class in term of what they got or can do


    1 hour ago, Fortuno said:

    Give 'em something alright?Like a def increase depending on skill level(maybe 10,20,30,40% numerical value increase for some time)

    death knight. like other tanks. doesn't need armor increase. we already got aura of hatred for that


    1 hour ago, Fortuno said:

    or maybe even heal the Deathknight(5,10,15,20% of maximum HP, could be op but numbers can be toned down), because heck, even barbarians now can heal up to 2k and get extra damage buff on top of it. Because seriously if saturation and vamp gear, or sacrificing other stats for life regeneration to make the most of Secret reserves are the only ways to go, then I'm sorry but it's just pure rubbish.

    now we are talking! i have said this many times and will say it again now that there is a rebalance update soon. what death knight needs the most is a form of healing and better damage reduction. and all that can be achieved with slight change in dk skill numbers


    with blood protection: (remember! this is just an opinion, and a way to fix a problem)

    demanding a increase in duration or decrease in cooldown without taking effect in account is unfair. so if we need to change either duration or cooldown, we need to change damage reduction as well. warden has a continues active that give them 25% damage reduction, paladin has a passive that increase damage reduction with health, barbarian has a passive that give them 80% damage reduction for couple of hits. with that in mind, my suggestion for blood protection is for the skill to give 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% damage reduction but increasing the duration to a 15sec / 20sec / 30sec / 45sec with a 60sec cooldown. now this gonna change several things with the dk.

    1- having these duration and cooldown will sync the skill with saturation and aura of hatred as all 3 skills will have a somewhat similar duration/cooldown.

    2-making the skill have as much as 45sec duration will allow the death knight. with enough cooldown reduction. to perma-use the skill. effectively placing the death knight in the same pedestal as the other tanks. while the skill will not be permanently active. death knight can still get a way to do so.



    IMO the skill is good the way it is, it gives 25% life steal! a broken amount of a broken stat for 15 seconds at max level. my only complain with the skill is the 10% max health consumption. why would this skill need such restriction to it? what does that 10% supposed to achieve? from what i see.. there is no reason what so ever to have that extra thing to that one skill in the entire game.


    secret reserve:

    if the next balance update do things right with the dk. then 2 paths will open in term of healing for the dk. a dk could either cure themselves with saturation and lifesteal or they could cure themselves with secret reserve and health regeneration. secret reserve numbers are actually really good, a dk that goes the path of secret reserve with around 350hp regen can get as much as 1k heal every 1.7 seconds for 12sec ! this might seem amazing but what makes this skill really awful is their 2 minute cooldown! yes 2 minute cooldown. with no way to reduce that time, dk has to wait 2 minute to get healed again. this is really bad considering dk need to fully invest in health regeneration to get such numbers. throwing both life steal stat and other defensive/offensive stats. secret reserve need a change in cooldown mechanic.


    in the end. the only thing keeping death knight from failing as a tank in end game is mermen gear, +10 and libraries, as skills had failed us.

  10. 1 hour ago, Holmes said:

    Other changes

    • The portal leading to the reward chest in the Mermen Sanctuary dungeon is now available immediately after killing all the monsters, you do not need to interact with Kreneida;
    • Improved the logic for sorting items in some bag categories;
    • The maximum number of displayed rows of slots in the castle warehouse, personal warehouse and guild warehouse has been increased to 6;
    • Fixed a bug due to which for summoned with skills pets' resistance was not taken into account when calculating the power of a critical strike;
    • The difficulty of the mythical level of the Colosseum of Champions dungeon has been adjusted: the monsters “Water / Earth / Fire / Air Totem” have been issued a new skill that applies a negative effect on the main target of the attack. It significantly reduces the main attack parameters of the character.
    • Fixed a bug due to which the effect of the mushroom in the mythical level of the dungeon "Sea Tramps' Lair" did not apply to all party members;
    • Set skill “Thirst for Life” no longer works from reflected damage;
    • Fixed incorrect display of hairstyles for some open-top suits;
    • Added new spawn animations for most of Arinar's monsters;
    • Changed how the dungeon window works. Now, you can open the entrance window to the dungeon as part of a group, even if you are not its leader;
    • Fixed a bug due to which the guild skills learned on a dedicated territory during the event worked incorrectly.

    THIS IS THE BEST!  y6.gif.ac2386bf71da88df88f00b577df55ca4.gify6.gif.ac2386bf71da88df88f00b577df55ca4.gify6.gif.ac2386bf71da88df88f00b577df55ca4.gif


    1 hour ago, AntraxXL said:

    so blood protection + secret reserves would handle holding damage?

    it should keep you alive... for 8 seconds that is, you need to look afterward. can you stay alive for 2 minutes for the skill to be ready to activate again? if life steal is expensive for you then yes reserve is decent choice because health regeneration is easy to come by but its not a very reliable ability


    1 hour ago, AntraxXL said:

    I would get 186 health regen, how much health would I heal with secret reserves 4 /4?

    at max level the skill will multiply your health regeneration by x5, meaning if you have 186 regen then it will be  186 x 5 = 930 health regeneration. BUT you need to remember that health regeneration as well as energy regeneration will be cut in half when fighting something so the 930 that you had will be divided by 2 giving you 930 / 2 = 465 health regeneration. for more about the skill check this post


    1 hour ago, AntraxXL said:

    I don't go to dungeons much, I was just an easy coliseum, a hard berengar tower, a hard corrupt garden, a hard termite mound and a mythical tree of the seasons, sea I know I can't because I still don't have lasting defense, but how far can I go in technopolis and coliseum?

    if this is all that you are doing then it should be fine, you have decent amount of armor and defensive stats, i would say to work on your armor more... that solidity is a bit low. just remember! death knight can't survive alone without the help of a healer

  12. 31 minutes ago, Khrone said:

    What about Templar's Mantra?

    I don't remember if it depends on magic damage or HP, but... 

    You can also increase both of them with potions, scrolls, etc


    On 8/30/2021 at 2:22 PM, yinglun said:

    Dk's reserve skills can be enhanced by potions and castle scrolls and castle potions, so I think its basic attributes should be low.

    i might be reading this wrong but dk reserve does not work with castle potion(if we are talking about lifeforce potion), since reserve doesn't actually heal you but increase your health regeneration parameter, if it was the case then simply using castle potion would increase healing from your normal health regeneration which is not what's happening

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