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  1. 9 hours ago, lelfil said:

    getting a full life steal build with accessories and runes would pay for the dk's lack of healing skills

    why do we need to invest in life steal accessories and runes(and possibly armor) to gain some survivability with healing? while all other tank need to really do is level up an ability to get the same result or even better... same could be said about secret reserve and health regeneration


    7 hours ago, Drakoknight said:

    Saturation requires 10% of the players health for only what? 25% lifesteal?

    to be fair. 25% life steal is really great, but the 10% health lose makes it not worth it, as well as the fact that it last for a measly 15 seconds at max level, you couldn't perma-use the skill even if you invest 100% into cooldown reduction

  2. On 7/26/2021 at 8:44 PM, Nolan said:



    - Have you tried uninstalling and installing the game again from our website?

    - Did you clean the game files and cache?

    - Is it happening during the battle for territories and only there?



    here is the same problem happening in ash arena GvG. also i don't know if this is important but this is the steam version of the game.




  3. 18 minutes ago, Drakoknight said:

    DeathKnights have a healing skill but it's best at 3/4 (if I remember correctly) and it's a passive unlike paladins active. I think DeathKnights need a buff to their defensive skills, atleast make Blood Protection last longer

    i wouldn't compare a "expert" that cost 40k gold and has 2 minutes cooldown with a "basic" skill that have 13 second cooldown

    by the time a death knight use reserve 1 time, paladin would use his heal around 10 times

  4. 17 hours ago, Drakoknight said:

    Honestly Wardens are kinda trash since they got hit hard by a nerf. Barbarians (from what I heard a while ago) isn't as tanky as dk

    both warden and barbarian are better at their job (tanking that is) than dk


    looking at what the game gave them to do so, their roar the reduce damage in an aoe, their warcry that taunt and increase armor by 35%, 2 PASSIVE damage reduction skills. stone skin that reduce damage by 80% and replenish a stack each time barbarian do a successful block and last wish that reduce damage up to 95% when barbarian below 50% health, not to forget battle fury that heals 25% of max health. also his scream of fury reduce enemies penetration and increasing the class blocks, both reducing the damage the class take by weakening enemies and combing the skill with stone skin that if we remember replenish a stack each time barbarian do a successful block.


    now looking at warden. he did get nerfs, but his constant 25% damage reduction is really good and his heal every 2.5s or so while got nerfed still is great, not to mention his basic aggression skill heal him for 10% of his max health after using it 3 times, and his basic shield is also great


    looking at the tanks in scale of "tankness"

    barbarian would be #1

    warden #2

    paladin #3

    death knight #4 

  5. in my opinion add new effect to these skills wouldn't be the best way to go about it, these 3 skills are good skills in concept but their numbers are really awful...


    On 6/18/2021 at 4:54 AM, SeaDemon said:

    Blood Protection

    blood is one of the best damage reduction skill (in amount) after barbarian damage reduction, but the skill problem is the small duration and long cooldown, at max level the skill duration is 8 second with an 22 second cooldown, the skill has approximately 33% uptime, while every other tank got a passive damage reduction.


    On 6/18/2021 at 4:54 AM, SeaDemon said:


    reserve is a really powerful healing ability. its only downfall is its 2min cooldown. the highest in the entire game, there is no justifiable reason for a skill to have THAT long of a cooldown. compared to what other tanks got in term of recovery, barbarian 25% heal from max health every 45sec(plus damage), paladin basic healing skill with even shorter cooldown, and warden passive healing skill every 2.5 sec or so. not to mention all these skills depend on stats that tank naturally gain a lot of. while on the other hand, dk need to scarifies parry/lifesteal/health for a heal that happens every 2min, that also doesn't reset after dying. that "heal" will be used once every dg or once every 5 or more arenas


    On 6/18/2021 at 4:54 AM, SeaDemon said:


    lastly saturation. the skill 25% life steal is really good, but its 10% health lose is stupid, i want someone for the love of god to tell me why this skill got 10% health lose, what's the wisdom behind it? what does that 10% lose supposed to achieve? and why is it that skill specifically needed that extra restriction? also the skill got 15 sec duration with 30sec cooldown, that's 50% uptime that's also mean that you need 100% cooldown reduction to keep this skill perma-used

  6. On 6/10/2021 at 3:03 AM, Peony said:



    These sea merchants are quite cunning, but they bring really excellent goods! With update 9.4, unique equipment with new parameters "Underwater Reliability" and "Underwater Resistance" will appear in their store, which will greatly increase your strength under water.

    now that i tried these i have a question, does the the solidity of underwater work independently from normal solidity or do they stack? since i am a tank with max solidity would i get 65% overall solidity or would it be 50% and another 15% chance in underwater

  7. 5 hours ago, ryaners09 said:

    But again this is just a suggestion, that can help us keep up with stronger enemies. And it makes me sad that wardens are the only reliable tank in game. I mean if druid and priest have good heal maybe many paladins and blade dancers can enjoy their char being a real tank too. 

    and warden are complaining about not being needed in another topic  :pensative: it amaze me how disarrayed the elves side is

  8. 13 hours ago, Peony said:

    Personal storage


    One of the long-awaited innovations in version 9.4: it will be possible to use a personal storage, which can be accessed by all characters from level 6 of one Alliance on one server and one account through the Storage Keeper.




    You can both leave and take away gold or other items that take up extra space in the bag, and most importantly - transfer to your other characters. Initially, there will be 10 slots + 5 if a certain condition is met. It will be possible to expand the personal storage further using an item, and the increase in slots will be applied to the entire account. The maximum number is 100 slots.


    Personal and quest items cannot be moved to the storage, the same rules apply here as when using the Guild storage.


    Character's Bag


    In 9.4, you will notice that the character's bag has been added to filter and sort items by category, making it easier to search for certain items. Similar filtering will now be used with a Personal or a Guild Storage.




    Personal Hairdresser (Hairstyle Menu)


    Another pleasant surprise will be the ability to change your appearance, while maintaining the ability to return to the old image.


    Personal Hairdresser is available in the new Appearance Settings Menu, which can be opened by clicking on the gear button from the Equipment menu. If you want, in addition to choosing a hairstyle, you can immediately change the hair color or the name of the hero there.


    When you click on "Personal Hairdresser", a window opens with a list of hairstyles available to the player, which you can change according to your mood at any time!


    At first the catalog will be filled with the following hairstyles:

    • current hairstyle;
    • all hairstyles from the achievement sets (Champion Hairstyle, Champion Barber Set, Favorite Barber Set), if these items were used by the character;
    • all hairstyles from the sets given out as rewards for the first Season of activities, if these items were used.

    After that, any used hairstyles will be included in the catalog. Also, all hairstyles that are in a set will be added there, only if this set cannot be obtained again, for example, the Champion Barber Set and the Favorite Barber Set (achievement awards).




    Wyre Unchained


    The Maliat Elves could not notice the mass rallies and solitary pickets that the warriors constantly held near Wyre. The dragon has always been well cared for and never offended, as it is a favorite pet of the elves. But the voice of the public is still a priority for all dwellers of Arinar, so the decision was made to free Wyre. However, the dragon is still not going to fly far from its feeder, so each of you will be able to walk near him! And, perhaps, to care for him!



    these are all great quality of life changes! also amazing skills/talents art as usual:cat4:

  9. 4 hours ago, Filipe Ramon said:

    I agree with @Ogull, among all the constructions this is the one that works best for a full tank.

    Not "one" but rather "only". There is no other build a death knight can go for that's remotely close to it... Trust me I tried. Death knight as far as a class go relies 100% on a support healing to keep it going.


    looking at what our colleagues are capable of in term of healing with the barbarian healing that relies on Max health(which for a tank, Max health is a given), the paladin healing or the warden healing that requires block ( also, for a tank that's a given) their requirements to be useful, their cool down, duration and everything about them trump what a death knight have in anyway

  10. 5 hours ago, AntraxXL said:

    I would like to save if this compilation is good for dk

    - Called 4/4

    - Aura of Hate 4/4

    - Blood Protection 4/4

    there really isn't any other build that you could go with for tanking and any dk that try to find something else eventually comes to the conclusion that this is the only decent build to go with, its not that great of a build to being with... but its what we have


    5 hours ago, AntraxXL said:

    my dk currently works as a dmg, but I was very frustrated with the result, especially when compared to the Chief who does everything much better

    dk is not a damaging class and this goes without saying that a class that meant to deal damage would do better than dk however when a class that is not meant to tank do better than dk, that's when we have a problem


    5 hours ago, AntraxXL said:

    I would also like to know if vampirism is really necessary, it is very expensive for me to be putting it on my dk and if the current secret reserve is worth it.

    recovering for dk is a really bad problem, we either gotta chose between getting hit 10% of our health for 15 seconds of life steal, or getting healed every 2 minutes without a way of reducing that time

    - having said all that, life steal is really important for dk. giving the aoe capability of the class, getting some life steal could never hurt!

  11. 28 minutes ago, Khrone said:

    My idea of how to solve the Vampirism problem is to create a limit, like 25% or 50%.

    wouldn't matter, because even if lets say the max is 20% damage classes would still get like 1k heal from a 5k crit... not to mention their damage in underwater with depth fury

    buffing the monsters wouldn't help either but rather would make things even more difficult for other classes


    a "bad" way to fix this is by putting a cooldown on life steal, life steal would work every x seconds for the next hit, another way to help supporting classes is to give them some other way to support beside healing, like buffs/debuffs. reducing the enemy armor, giving them a chance to miss, reducing their attack speed and many more

    and if the status quo force the devs hand, they could make it a requirement to have 1 tank & 1 healer in ur party to enter dg or whatever else there is

  12. i see no use of movement speed bonuses on a tank class in a PvE stage. also, why must the skill have a negative effect on the class?

    if the idea of the skill is to run around aggroing every mobs, then wouldn't those mobs hit you and prevent you from moving freely?

    sorry, i am not trying to be negative but the skill seems more suited for a damaging class

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