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  1. generally speaking, classes with a healing ability are much easier to play with and level up. so healer classes(shaman,druid,necromancer,priest) are the easiest to level up and that is simply because of their healing ability unfortunately dk falls off as a tank in lategame stages compared to other tanks like paladin and barbarian, we still got secret reserve to heal us but that ability has a 2minute cooldown, regarding vampirism we have an ability that give us 25% of it so even if you dont put vampirism on your gear you could still utilize it
  2. yes it is possible, start by maxing up dark shield. it give you the protection needed to survive early game in the forsake map as well as make you strong enough to tank 2k/5k minibosses and somewhat capably of tanking +10k bosses (like sir kevin) with the help of minions. if possible i would recommend novice set. it will make your leveling experience much, much more smoother
  3. pretty much. title should be changed from "skill work wrong" to "skill change suggestion"
  4. that's a really nice dk! considering that it is not +10 yet. what type of enchant do you have on your rings and belt, if they are mana regen then you shouldnt have problem with mana i'm gonna share my dk as well (all without buffs) hp 7600 energy 120 hp regen 260 energy regen 120 Offensive Stats Defensive Stats Skills Life steal 37% Parry 20% Thorn 3/5 Provoc 5/5 Accu 21.8% Block 24.8% Dark Shield 5/5 Crit 21.8% Physical Defense 12k Reserve 4/4 Pene 13% Magical Defense 10k Death Call 4/4 Physical dmg 970+ Saturation 3/4 Blood Protection 3/4 Magical dmg 180+ Gears Double Block Shield Craft(lv30) Cape parry magic deff mana regen Guild buff +12 Weapon Parry Accu Craft(lv30) mermen helm/glove, lv30 phys deff set bonus armor/boots Belt max hp block accu craft Ring hp hp regen block Amulet hp phys dmg Lifesteal cheers fellow undead
  5. exhalation of darkness behaves like sharp shadow. a level 32 death knight would deal more damage with the skill than a level 20 death knight even if they both have the same amount of damage and skill level. all testing in this guide were done with a level 32 death knight so the guide will make more sense for a level 32 death knight. i am working on better skill numbers but this is what we had to work with until then, still im not saying that this guide is 100% accurate its just as close as humanly possible without knowing the skill actual formulas
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