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  1. To be honest, the most important thing for a PvE death knight (or any tank) is defense, the more you have of it the more likely that you will survive. So in that case I suggest getting aura of hatred, the 15% increase in defense is important, just remember to always activate aura of hatred before dark shield to get it's full potential. The new secret reserve is in no way bad, developers will never make an ability useless, it's just that you need to invest more into health regeneration than before to acquire needed results. Regarding level 3 blood protection, I tried to find it's duration but was not able to, I am pretty sure thou that it's 8 seconds for all levels, since there is no meaning in lowering it below that, but I don't have proof for it, you just have to take my words Hope you find the results that you're looking for
  2. Aura of hatred 1/4 increase physical / magical power and defense by 5% for 15 seconds 2/4 increase physical / magical power and defense by 7% for 20 seconds 3/4 increase physical / magical power and defense by 10% for 30 seconds 4/4 increase physical / magical power and defense by 15% for 45 seconds Blood Protection 1/4 20% damage reduction 1/4 30% damage reduction 1/4 40% damage reduction 1/4 50% damage reduction for 8 seconds i'm sorry i don't exactly remember the duration for blood protection from 1 to 3, but i think its the same for all levels ( could be wrong ) hope this help
  3. Back Story: Polished with the incantations of his final breath, the suit was a gift of a dying mage to his adorable pet fish... original size: height 66 - width 44 enlarged photo: x4 Name: Angler Head Type: Healer Description: The Suit was created out of old swimming gear, a rubber suit with metal buttons, big black gloves and boots On top of the suit is a fish tank with the mage pet inside of it, i thought of the fish swimming inside the tank but that was hard for me to do... The water in the tank is transparent allowing to see stuff through it. How the fish could control the suit you ask? No one know's, all we know is that the fish is happy Skills: Bubble Bath: Cover the Master with 10 Bubbles that pop up every few second healing the master for an amount of his max health with each pop for each attack on the master the bubbles will pop abruptly. Angler Light: the Angler Head will shine its antenna light so bright it will mess with enemy vision reducing all enemy accuracy around the Angler Head Purge: The Angler Head wash the master with a stream of water removing any negative debuffs on them Grace of the Sea: Shot with a high pressured beam of water strong enough to cut diamonds, dealing damage to an enemy Character: Ogull Realm: EU-EMERALD Sorry for going over the height and width recommendation, i needed more space to work with >.< i hope it doesn't disqualify me... Have a nice day
  4. are we restricted to one minion design or can we make more than one post?
  5. In this topic i will be talking about the many mechanics and behaviors of the death knight skills In this one i will be talking about dk most iconic skill Dark Shield As the skill describe, with some chance it ignore damage in accordance with your defense leveling the skill does not increase the amount of damage the skill ignore, but it only increase the chance for the ignore to happen when activated the skill will calculate your armor and give you a buff that ignore damage in accordance with that armor value now the real catch with this skill is that it does not calculate your armor constantly (or when ever you get hit) but only when the skill is activated! see video below ice_video_20190501-130753.webm as you can see in the video, i activated the skill when i had my gear on and a armor value of 7800 then i took my armor off and started getting hit, you can immediately notice that i still get 0 damage although my armor is 0 that because the skill got activated when i had armor but the moment i activate the skill again, it calculate my new armor value, which is 0 and i get hit constantly to death without getting the 0 damage this information can be really useful to know in a lot ways first of all be sure to activate the skill when your armor is at its highest value like when you are effected by shaman earth protection or when you are under the effect of scrolls and potions use skill aura of hatred then dark shield for extra protection is also useful another cheesy strategy is to have PvE gear then use dark shield then switch back to PvP gear giving that your PvE gear give more armor, making the skill more useful although your armor not as high one last thing make sure to not reactivate dark shield without making sure your armor is at its highest as activating the skill again will reset the buff with the armor new value this is it for death knight Dark shield be ready for the next thread where i will be talking about death call and how its useful in PvP Thanks for reading...
  6. its a simple suggestion and idk if its been proposed before but can we have level 1 Gladiator Chest drop relics instead of ferocity and resilience book since these books are of no use for players under 18
  7. FakeUser

    Dangerous Blow

    8.0.0 is around the corner... its gonna be fun to see which classes get hit by the hammer of devs and which get blessed by the dark knight
  8. i remember the entire forums trying to smash this idea into someone head without success boy were they fun times xD
  9. I don't really know, there is no particular reason for it to only work on these values, it might be your imagination or you got the really low luck of it only working for these value for you, even thou there is a difference between 10% and 90% there still is the possibility of 90% missing and the 10% to actually hitting
  10. accuracy is really important in PvE or it dose for me, i have 30% accuracy which i find not enough :/, maybe i am going crazy from how much i miss my target, or maybe its my stupid luck, but accuracy its a good thing and getting around 20% or more is good. for a dk whose build around life steal, missing is a big no no sorry for my late replay i have no excuse
  11. FakeUser


    i have these 2 mails in my mailbox and whenever i try to open them my game crash i tried this on android, website and steam version of the game and every time i try to open them the game crash i always keep my mail box empty and i don't know where they came from
  12. unfortunately none of the links are working
  13. I'm glad it worked, and that i have been of use
  14. i don't know about blood protection, i asked some people and they said it work with dark shield... as for getting hurricane 4/4 its really up to you, making saturation 4/4 or hurricane 4/4, if you get enough life steal that you can survive lab then we achieve what we are looking for, there is no need to level the skill anymore, otherwise level saturation
  15. i tried buying yesterday and there still issues with steam option to buy mc
  16. secret reserve got a nerf and a hard one at that, the skill is basically pointless right now, multiplying your health regeneration by 180% at 4/4, meaning even a hardcore hp regen dk with 300 health regen can get around 540 health regen instead of its previous over 1k-3k a tik heal if you have Halloween or any life steal accessories then i suggest 4/4 saturation and 2/4 steel hurricane, even without accessories the 25% life steal increase is really good, specially in lab for cuz of number of mobs around you combining that with steel hurricane, you will get the heal secret reserve lost other than that blood protection might offer useful giving 50% damage reduction for 8 seconds with a 13 second cooldown?(forgot the cooldown number)
  17. no i can't know that so sorry
  18. thanks! took me 5min to write the code for it Have i told you how much i love you before? love you batman i didn't understand what you mean, is there a way to find such value, i used barbarian cuz there was an already established numbers for him, and i just wanted to make a point, the thing about the second page is you can fill it with as much as you want with information without confusing new players or overwhelm them i really love how it took since last October for replies, thanks eveyone none the less
  19. @Reivenorik can you tell me if the costume meet the rules of the contest
  20. The Harlequin role is that of a light-hearted, nimble, servant. often acting to thwart the plans of his master, and pursuing his own love interest the Court Harlequin costume consist of a number of colour that are easy on the eye normal being light blue, green and yellow to make people feel comfort around the Harlequin and enjoy being around him. while the colour also work as an attraction, making spotting a Harlequin from a log distance easy. do to his unique set of cloth and their colours, Harlequin stick like a sore thumb in middle of masses. a Harlequin wear a mask so that his identity stay hidden, not for his safety but for his king safety
  21. the armor took it time to go +10 :3
  22. i think he meant that the problem is from steam not warspear i can buy mc from steam, no problem here were you able to buy before and now you can't? also this post should be in support you might get better help
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