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  1. yes i was thinking about doing it that way! but still even with that you can't get good values on how the skill actually work...
  2. Important Some of the numbers mentioned in the post are the result of testing skill and may not represent the actual number of the skill. numbers colored in Purple are highly doubted and needs more testing to figure out better. special thanks to @Akasha for helping make this guide possible, Thank you very much!. if you find any miss spelling or number error, please do tell me to fix it. Description Death Knight is a truly flexible tank, capable of dealing high amount of physical (and somewhat magical) damage while having high amount of defense
  3. i would like to add that seeing what dungeon drop (in a party that is) shouldn't be just for the leader of the party
  4. it increase damage reduction the more health you lose, i.e the more health you lose the more tanky you get but its really a shitty ability, giving like ~44% damage reduction at max level when you are below 10% health, i forgot numbers and just giving what i remember
  5. yeah this have happen to me too a while back, thou the game doesn't do that anymore to me...
  6. OMG!, so if its dungeon completed then we need to multiply the number by 5 for each party member, this dungeon give me depression... most likely its lower than that
  7. 54532 mermen dungeon was completed, 1893 gear dropped...
  8. i'm gonna show what real defensive stats are like when i finish what i am working on right now
  9. my experience fighting myself in the new dungeons
  10. welcome back🙆‍♂️ its always nice to see old player coming back
  11. a new one joined the bandwagon xD actually its a 120 seconds cooldown
  12. yeah..., its not easy to do thou, specially considering warspear leveling system not many people has as much free time as i had
  13. i played the original 6 classes + 6 during their release in update "crossroad of destiny", at least until the max level at the time of 20 didn't really do much with them except leveling them up, playing multiable classes can help you understand the class in case you happened to be against it or play with it knowing their weaknesses, their strength..etc
  14. fair enough. chieftain can wear the same gear, i don't get your point... in the end i was right, chieftain got 20% attack speed however, numbers could change
  15. idk, as hunters have a skill that only provides 18% attack speed and nothing else, chieftains should be glad their skill provide something else as well but at the same time we have rogues with 35% attack speed and skill cooldown, it could pretty much be a flip of a coin for chieftains on what they get on a side not, with chieftains damage reduction skill, their heal skill and now remove negative effect and increase resistance stats, could chieftains tank better than dk? if it weren't for heavy armor + shield, they pretty much could, in term of defensive arsenal, seems lik
  16. it wont be enough, but if it could offer another play style for dks then i am all in for it
  17. i read somewhere, someone suggesting that secret reserve become a passive that trigger every time death knight block an attack and heal them based on their hp regen, like warden skill but with hp regen instead of health and idk i kinda like it, ofc it would need its numbers adjusted
  18. death knight needs some love, this has gone on long enough.... i, myself got tired of creating post asking about improving death knight
  19. There has been no official statement that i know of by devs on how much it absorb or what's the formula is, but I have a rough idea of how the skill work by eyeing the skill and doing my own testing so DONT TAKE THESE NUMBERS AT FACE VALUE they could be wrong and most likely are From testing and seeing other people tests I concluded that the skill absorb roughly 1 point of damage for every 27 point of armor, meaning that if you had 10k defense, the skill would absorb around 370 damage, IMPORTANT: the skill does not count increase in armor from buffs so aura of hatred 15% armor incr
  20. buff blood? sure, dark shield? not so much dark shield is one of the best basic defensive skill in game right now, i would go as far as say the skill is the pinnacle of basic skill in whole game, not only does it help you early game, it scale well with you late game, a thing that other classes basic skills don't do much, that's why every time a new update is released i read it with fear in me that dark shield could be nerfed or touched or maybe its not that great of a skill but because every other skill is bad i think of it as a great skill but for sure dark shield is the best
  21. i am just gonna copy what i wrote elsewhere. but i was trying my best not to comment... while other tanks having an easy to use heal, barbarian have combat fury that only requires max health for it to be effective and as a barbarian that easy to come by(also gives damage), paladin has an amazing basic healing skill, warden has passive that heals 10% at level 1 if he blocks a WHOLE 10% without even leveling the skill and all these skills have better cooldown and duration than dk skills, while dk skills, one need to invest heavily in hp regen to be effective, losing other defensive s
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