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  1. this is so much fun xd
  2. i don't know, giving the rogue a movement speed factor might not be the best for them, they sure need something but its not movement speed. you shouldn't look ONLY at a class by only its profession, or just because a class is something they should have a skill related to that, an "assassin" should be fast or a "paladin" that could revive (like some other guy suggested), you should also see how that would effect the class in game his position in parties, in event, wars and more, how that skill would be beneficial for the class or how it could change that class play style all to
  3. that's really nice🤩 i always wondered about the actual size of shields in ws, because looking at character wielding them shields span from the character shoulder to its knees
  4. couldn't agree more, life steal did break the game system and cause new content to just be harder with more stuns and attack slow skills but still tanks have their job in mermen and raid bosses
  5. wardens has no reason to be disliked so that their only option is to go dmger to "keep alive in game" they are once of the best tank class in game, if the warden is getting disliked in elves side then i will be mean and say they are plain stupid well of course you just explained the game... there are roles for each class to go with, warden is a tank, in matter of fact he is THE tank, they are not meant to deal high amount of damage, their job is... once again to TANK, and like you said if you want to be a damage dealer just make a dmger class, well you can break the role barrier
  6. i get like 30~40k from questing every 3 days at least and that's me not being active that much, most quest are of killing town 3/4 mini bosses and bosses in ayvondil, labyrinth is old content but still give good gold and i can solo it so that a plus but i take weak players cuz why not, underwater territories quest are also great thou a bit harder for new players to the area, most people are just lazy and want gold to just appear in their inventory over night
  7. now this is content xd great editing and a good build, combining 2 great games to make something greater minecraft is truly a beautiful game, the lead developer for minecraft words could not be better "the world would be a better place if everyone played minecraft" good job
  8. yes this is the problem as a whole... the warden was given so much defensive capabilities that it became unstable, its doesn't actually matter if their damage is lacking, as long as they out defend their enemies they will eventually win, or their enemies get bored and attack a different target, the most common word i saw in any event, war, GvG, mermen...etc is "Ignore warden, attack someone else" its nothing short of a fact that wardens got to much in term of defend than they needed will this was balanced to a degree with the damage reduction skill nerf from 50% to 25% th
  9. i am still trying to figure out how a DK with 2h axe managed to get 1k mdamage🙆‍♂️
  10. you guys might be interested in this video its over the top with the amount of buffs, but it represent an idea!
  11. 7 years, thou i played before but didn't sign an account
  12. they won't be satisfied until their classes are capable of bending reality itself
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