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  1. Well thank you for the very much needed comment
  2. Ok so today I matched with the best mage in the whole of arena This is the conversation after calling him a noob for not moving. Really nice thing for him to do I suppose. Also nothing wrong with my gear.
  3. 1. It reads right in the beginning "against" 2. No, just need those few dmg spheres 3. No idea how you came up with this 4. I need dmg spheres, and not for high amp but like a +4 or +5 staff
  4. Oh, yes I should have mentioned it more clearly I suppose. And good news I got points for two spheres now!!
  5. Okay so the problem is getting matched against +10 arena gear dudes every single time, and to this one might say "Okay wow everyone else has it the same way, and thats just how it is" And I might answer something like; "well then, strange man with an annoying attitude, give me my dmg3 sphere and I will not post these!" Then he might say "just do arena bro losses get you points too, I don't see the problem" And now I get frustrated; "how dare you?! I have to lose a good 20 games for a stupid sphere and I can't buy tickets because I'm as poor as a rat" Then the man goes "go get a job like a real person and stop being a female dog! If you don't have money, its not my problem!" And this is the point where I throw my phone to the wall. Hopefully you who read this got the point. And before you comment, yes I know, you can't do anything about it because you get matched against players who are searching for a game at that moment. But still I find it really overwhelming that I have to play roughly ~15 games (depending on luck) to get a single sphere. And oh boy if I've saved money for set of sings!
  6. Seems like I have the oldest gift for now
  7. Yes, i know you have to kill all required mobs, and also i dont care for the chest drops, but instead the quest that i was unable to complete due to the annoying timer-system
  8. I dont know if this is the right place but anyway, coming back to the game after a long time, I think I know why i quit in the first place. So today I went on to do the first floor berengar tower quest, we had killed the boss at the end. Then I was about to collect the item required for completion but had no empty inventory space. So I proceeded to delete something out from my Inventory and we ran out of time before i could do so. So my problem is that even tho we killed the boss in time, i would still have needed to use another stamina just to get the drop? I think that after the boss dies the timer should stop for heavens sake! I dont want to spend 8 hours of waiting for 1 stamina because of a broken mechanic. Also for some reason i was teleported out and had no chance to use the stamina? Pls fix this
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