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  1. The same person that hacked sheraa whiteness and strikex has been trying for over a month to scam cypres off me by pretending to be original cypreshill (me and original cypreshill traded accounts over a month ago)...at first i thought it was really him but then when i asked him to get on thizzin to prove he was real cypre he said no..then he said he gave em away lol now he pretends to be different ppl everytime he pms me hes even pretended to be kuz... Hes sent multiple threats to kill me my family and get me banned lol...when he first hacked strikex he sent me a pm sayin he wanted to  trade whiteness, sheraa, and strikex for cypreshill lol. this guy is an idiot and i would love to see some gm interaction with ppl like this...i spend a ton of money on this game..like a ridiculous amount lol i would really appreciate it if the staff of this game would atleast act like they give a shit lol....and if your reading this u piece of shit hacker duck u and duck yo couch ♥♥♥♥♥  8)

  2. I had a lvl 18 ranger with +9 bow 5scatter 5 blessing and 3crit...got rid of it....ridiculously strong...so I made a rogue with the sole purpose of killing rangers ::)...my ranger could do do over 3k dmg with regular shot then quick shot and blessing...average dmg was  2k....and im talking about before they even get to me lol....my rogue has 32% dodge at lvl 17 and lvl 3dodge skill and I do OK against rangers

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