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    Clan: TSP

    If server stays up ofc
  2. Thizzin

    Clan: TSP

    Today I will be hosting an event. Not sure time yet. It will be a team event. Teams of 2. You will have to hunt and kill the infamous Mage Iluvcocain. He resides somewhere in the mcsaken territory. The winning team will receive 1 set of signs for each partner. Only teams of 2 are allowed. PM your teams to Iluvbluntz ingame. Only people listed as members are eligible. And you must wear your uniform.
  3. Thizzin

    Clan: TSP

    List updated ::) if your name is missing plz pm ppl with * they will let me know...you can also pm any of the names listed in my signature.
  4. Thizzin

    Clan: TSP

    We are TSP! We own arena lvl 11-14 :dirol: We also assist fellow Mcsaken with the infamous CL Quest and I will soon be gathering parties for Shadows also. You dont have to be the strongest to join all we ask for is loyalty. We do have a uniform that we require members to purchase [Fire Sorcerer] or [Fire Sorceress]. We have members that will sell it 20-25k and also a couple members donate the uniform for deserving members. Many of our members also have high lvl builds so you are not required to remain lvl 14. I personally encourage staying lvl 14 and farming arena with us until you have full lvl 17 ap gear but its up to you. I sell arena tickets 2k a set exclusive for members lvl 11-14 (when i have mcoinz ofc). Many members also donate items/gold for clan events that will be held. It is also required that members try to come to meetings when posted. I understand there are time differences so message me on here or ingame for updates if you miss. If youre interested in joining us pm the people with * beside their name. We are TSP! We will stain arena battlegrounds with your blood :diablo: Members: Khanzel* Hannsel* Cellghost* Lauraputri* Iluvweeed * Subryo* Badhabit Darkallies* Wedgehead* Pachacutec* Akashnil Zeinnna* Rgod Kranoz Umutbey Polonium Snowkath* Reapxrx Olabi Kimmoy Kuh Mizolord Umpalumpa Odimbr Iquakeu Isurepriseu Ladydagger Silverfox Midgeeedoo Gearsecond* Kranoz Akashnil Darkargz Hotbeats Nightsnark Skoifz Umutbey xEdisonx Mrdmg Rgod Combokill Zipote Skullblade Sabee Funkvolume Eziolord Jennmidgee Jennbella Getcut Antharaz Xlorthion Arenahawkz* Tsprules Afika Baddchoice Bankrud Coldicee Killioness Mallefico Nucleolus Staycrunch Xpetirx Youfearme Yuseiii Iian
  5. lol people ♥♥♥♥♥ing about mcoin items costing too much gold? stfu and spend your own cash on the game if u dont wanna spend the gold. dont have money? quit being a lazy duck and sitting on a game all day :dirol: . i work at subway go to college (20k in debt and still countin lol) and pay my bills and still manage to buy mcoinz every now and then. C.R.E.A.M ♥♥♥♥♥es all day everday 8) .
  6. Damn it just smoked a bleezy and went to get on and server down :cray:
  7. Since I havent been able to play on my phone I've actually takin notes in my ancient history and ancient culture and arts class instead of analy rapin elves lol damn u aigrind makin me learn!
  8. Buying killing whisper chest piece and boots pm me On another note: duck u elves I'm comin to skull duck u ♥♥♥♥♥es >:D
  9. U wanna see a skilled rogue rape your ♥♥♥♥♥ass ranger come see me...I'll put your punkass class to shame keep runnin that mouth and you'll join the ♥♥♥♥♥made elves in their shallow grave...if I were u I'd be embarrassed about bragging about an obvious nb class You think you're good? Come die hoe
  10. There will never be peace ;D
  11. Thizzin


    Anyone else havin problems downloading?
  12. Must kill elves and devour their souls! >:D...hurry up with the update 8)
  13. so your takin claim to the King of Noobs?...lol gj i guess
  14. Thizzin

    Insulting ingame

    lol youre a pussy..quit your cryin
  15. Lmao did u rly just try to compare DK's skill to blessing?...lol they arent even close blessing is still retarded strong..duck that blessing bullshit...o and enjoy your pvp punk ass nbs cause my foresaken is on the rise and soon ill have another build to kill ♥♥♥♥♥ ass elves with 8) ...and back on topic after that lil outburst sry sneak :)
  16. i still havent decided which faction im going or even if im still going to be playing once update drops...just gotta decide if i wanna burn another $300+ ( :wacko: ) making a cpl of the new builds lol
  17. lol tim youre a fag ;D hit me up ♥♥♥♥♥made 8)
  18. Cant trust those ♥♥♥♥♥ ass elves :tease: not a damn one ;D
  19. :bad: why wait..when u know its going to happen..first strike them hoes ;D
  20. Lol nice :good:...there's more elf lovers then MC with ballz..hope u find members
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