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  1. cant u guys enjoy anything? :nea: if it stops enemy from moving and using skills then the shaman does that too with earthquake and blinding ...... :facepalm:
  2. well the reason is from my HP it's too low :sorry: but am working on it :)
  3. i heared that Diiadora has 360 moon :shok: but i actually didn't c her attacking before :unknw: but i know that she is a cool druid :dirol: and we must not forget me with 230 moon ;D
  4. actually i want to ask ppl from fb or mc to help us to do shadows of berengar because me atleast have this quest for more than a month and i always ask on trade chat but nobody answers. if some players that have big partys and go for lab i wish if they help us on the shadows atleast as if they were hunting many players will be able to do that hard quest. :search: :clapping: :good:
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