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  1. well am not gonna say its OP but the barrier skill is the only annoying skill ;D would be really hard to live as a sentinel :pleasantry: but as i can c its better than a mage many times :wacko:
  2. ofc everybody love kitties and sexy female blood elves :blush: actually who dont will sure be gay :shok:
  3. I love ur skills crossfit ;D and ofc am happy when u die before u kill me :yahoo: :tease:
  4. u still my Favorite rogue :clapping:
  5. that would be fun :lol:
  6. thanks dude ur words made it better for me :friends: @Crossfit Breakout is my trainer thats y its almost same stile ;D @Sulla u still kills me at crossings ;)
  7. Windcaller

    Warspear Comics

    elk elk elk elk elk when r the nest pages will be uploaded i cant w8 :yahoo: :clapping:
  8. First of all i will say Hi to all ;D Now,i would like to know if i am hated or if there is anyone that hates me :cray: since i dont like to be hated from others :) so if anyone hates me , please say that u do and tell me the reason because i get pm from random ppl that say I HATE U and that really hurts :'(
  9. lol standing alone and no healer in ur party omg ;D thats suicidal :pleasantry:
  10. if i find u guys ofc i will chill :yahoo:
  11. well first of all i would like to say HI ;D anyway...i actually hesitated before writing this post but i found this clan seems to be ... friendly :good: i just dont have many friends so i would like to join the clan if i meet ur requirements :) My character name is Windcaller and i am a druid and this is my only character
  12. but we got 10 cc instead look for the good side lol its harder but gives more cc ;D and life is always fair :pleasantry:
  13. Diiadora and Dobermannn ;D :yahoo: :clapping:
  14. After all it appears that the paladin is not over powered if we look to the death knight's skills ;D
  15. Windcaller

    Warspear Comics

    this awesome ;D keep up the good work ...... ma waiting impatiently :clapping: :yahoo:
  16. i want some one to answer me isnt the gouge is an OP skill? if 2 rogues on 2 druids they win..... why? cuz they gouge one then attack the other and when gouge ends the other rogue gouge again and still kill the other so its like 2vs1 so i dun wanna c ppl say ranger is OP ranger is just as a rogue....
  17. Windcaller


    a real old old timer :yahoo: ;D
  18. Windcaller


    am not so new in the game ;D and i didnt play with a ranger before so i dont know whats was that bow and also because am not an old timer :blush:
  19. Windcaller


    maybe because i think i saw the well tried bow with someone with same attributes .... maybe u r right ;D :good:
  20. Windcaller


    can some one translate this bow name :shok:
  21. actually he meant that for FB because after maintenance the relic bfore the maintenance had been changed from the old location and then after maintenance another relic quest was available for FB too so he said that we have 2 relic today :) because he is FB :clapping:
  22. i love the paladins omg! ;D cant wait till it come :clapping: :diablo:
  23. i read mate and because i read i saw that they say a SMALL AMOUNT of his health thats not a big problem and about increasing healing performance that might be OP but thats one skill :pardon: but am with u that rich still rules :facepalm:
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