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  1. i hope i have enough time for hunting to get gold for more amp ::) am not rich enough to beat the rush of the rich incoming necros lol :wacko:
  2. will be a better challenge for me since i find no challenge except vs shamans :bad: am just waiting the necro arrival so we can pwn more enemys with some challenge :tease:
  3. omg :wacko: he is rich,stupid and not skilled lol :shok: and they say mc r better than elves :wacko: they gotta watch this awesome video lol ;D MC=Noobs :dirol:
  4. this make the druids unstoppable killing machines ;D
  5. told you mate :facepalm:
  6. Read this and u will know . :give_rose:
  7. its not a bug it has been prevented till they repair some things with Android ... until that u cant put items into chat
  8. I would accept such a lose.
  9. u will c that its impossible :facepalm:
  10. I cant speak with such kind of person :facepalm: Nothing will solve my problem with him :facepalm:
  11. Guys am quitting the clan :facepalm: Bye bye to all .
  12. Good topic mate ;D thanks my bro was going to get mad for that emery :wacko:
  13. And yes btw, how many NO votes a person needs to get out of the clan?
  14. @Cheza update the votes please, i wanna c if that Hoidoei is in :nea: , or outta clan :yahoo:
  15. And yes, please update the votes if u can :give_rose:
  16. hahaha that's what i told u guys about ;D
  17. i know bro ;D ... am asking here cuz no one on the whole server is selling em :shok:
  18. guys...don't forget my request for a lab mantle and 2 good signets...i'm gonna buy em :blush:
  19. as knox always says "chill with us in game so we can know u more and vote for u :drinks: " ;D
  20. Read the first page ;D
  21. Btw guys am looking for a lab mantle...ummm...and 2 good signets :search: so if anyone get any of what i asked please tell me.... i wanna buy them ;D u can tell me here or in game :give_rose:
  22. i vote YES for chrystall ;D she is very friendly :friends: :give_rose:
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