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  1. Hey the server down and oh shit guess what xD ........ the whole team is on vacation until 9 January :lol: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  2. remove bees and give us quake, and you will see the hell it self :spiteful: when you face a druid :yahoo:
  3. omg my main is a druid lol and roots lvl 5 is the best option , getting bees lvled is a waste it has same duration only more dmg and more slow atks , i tried it at lvl 5 it good for hunt reall slow boss hits ;D and they r right barb charge if u use roots and he uses charge at same time but if u use it before the barb its done , he cant charge :blush:
  4. you can pm me in game and we can start ;D i want a necromancer too :lol: windcaller-druid
  5. Holy shit :rofl: i got that ducking cocktail before :bad: and i was :crazy: lol
  6. Windcaller

    Finally a Dad

    Congratulations bro ;D :yahoo:
  7. lol :lol: every time i come here i find same fights with same people ;D oh my god :rofl:
  8. wth lol no posts for relic location at Sentinels side :lol:
  9. well it's not only the time of playing problem its just the new maps r getting all the players interest so, no one stays at irslenort :pleasantry: but thats kinda annoying :bad: i want to c the massive wars we got before swamps and that new hallowen map :diablo:
  10. I think you might add Spanish too ;D he really showed us how to spend 100$ yesterday :rofl: :rofl: it was kinda fun :lol:
  11. Guys why you hate Nia and Breakout ??? :( they are friendly :friends: And having problem with English doesn't mean that you guys annoy him like this :nea: Yes i don't know what did he do to you, but maybe if you are good with him he will be good to you ;)
  12. Just one comment about what people say, please choose the time you want but tell it in the GMT, thank you :pardon:
  13. genius ;D :spiteful:
  14. Windcaller

    Mage combo

    lol can u tell me how the hell u will chain them then tele??? :shout: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  15. Windcaller

    Mage combo

    I can find that this char is under powered but.... there is an advantage and its that if u r a pro player and got enough speed then u will never be caught even if its 2 vs 1 and u got a chance to win :drinks: . here what i do at arena and i never lost a fight except when my energy runs out and the opponents didnt die ;D . The most important thing that u must have a plan with ur partner not a random partner First i do the sun armor u might find it surprising but its good . Second i TW to the opponents then SS then IC . Third i choose a target and FB it and kite while my part
  16. Dude I love the music :give_rose: especially from the 7:40 in video till the end :give_rose: Just wanted a fav , and its to tell me there names :blush: or gimme the links to get them from :blush:
  17. yay :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: sulla was so funny at that video :tease:
  18. Am totally with shootercel all the evidence prove that he fairly won , AND there is no evidence about him using pots against sulla's shaman :search: after all u both still good, dont fight lol ;D
  19. I hope so, but yet there are the fast rich lol but hope the team work can own them :yahoo:
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