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  1. a farming druid is really interesting and not many of us know that it can be better than a priest !

    well best sp distributing is to go ( 5 heal ) and u can go ( 4 barkskin ) 1% wont differ so much and then u go ( 4 bees ) then u will have 2 points when u r at 20 so u r free then to choose as u like between lightning and roots and i would prefer to go 3 roots as it would be helpful at lab and other mobs etc.


  2. i prefer 3 lighting 3 bees 4 roots 2 bark skin and 5 heal  :blush:



    awesome  :shok:  i think i will buy a book xD

  3. But if the developers are going to give us something like earth quake , that will be more awesome  :rofl:  like this i will be winning all my arena fights  :lol:  since u guys forgot something and that is we druids got 4% more dmg and heal with the passive skill concentration  :spiteful: 

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