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  1. True, but if god makes in such a way I won't get a good offer, then I'll equip it and let evryone who offered me 500k cry over not selling it lol xD
  2. I totally agree with you but Idk... I feel like if people would have the right mentality and keep prices to the least of their potential, we could live up market again
  3. Yes eu, and you are perfectly right. That's a problem I'm trying to bring in the eyes off all players and maybe we can do something about it. I, alone, can't do anything...
  4. I may just equip it whatsoever if I can't get the price I want. Please get over the "Cry! Cry!" phase and realise this is a general problem regarding our server's economy. If it's going to get worse and worse what are you going to do? Give up on all the time and money spent on this server and start from scrap on another server? (this is an actual suggestion I got on warspear discord server and it's also the last one I'd chose)
  5. And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, prices drop drastically. The problem is not the big number of sellers but their mind. If all those sellers would keep the price at it's fair amount people will buy regardless of it. You are either being called a "greedy person" because you try to get the max price, or because you let it go cheaper so you can sell faster, but letting off the price will make the economy go down the toilet so please be the kind of "greedy person" that aims for the max price.Thank you! Disclaimer: This is related not only to the boogeyman issue I had, but also to signs price dropping which concerns ALL of us as we ALL use signs, all sort of items prices and so on. Please think it through because this server's economy is below sea level at the moment and the way things look it's not going to get any better unless we do something! Thank you for your attention!
  6. Hmm I like this, it could work, but the reason I'd disagree is that a dog with the same ammount of hp as you is too powerful and people are already complaining about charmer. That's why I thought about it as having a 10% chance only
  7. So I wasn't sure where exactly I should open this topic, but since it's related stricly to charmer, I'll do it here. So I was thinking about a relic for charmer that would be applied as an defensive relic on Call skill. It would be called "Terrible relic of Venomous Wolf" or something like that, and what it would do is the following: With a 10% chance, the summoned wolf would have it's HP increased by the following values, depending on skill level: Lv1 Call: 40% of player's HP Lv2 Call: 55% of player's HP Lv3 Call: 70% of player's HP Lv4 Call: 85% of player's HP Lv5 Call: 100% of player's HP Also the dog's looks would be a bit different, something like this: (Not perfect but it still works)
  8. So related to guild castles, still only lv5+ guilds have access to that?
  9. Highly doubt about that. Not even sure about the dmg accs since nobody posted anything regarding them
  10. So in order to have a castle and that stuff your guild still has to be lv5+?
  11. I tried it. Didn't get hired even tho I'd be quite a good slave tbh.
  12. That's my man! Ever thought of joining moderators development team? xD
  13. So I heard the best joke of all times Higgs full+10 How the heck can you even say that since literally EVERYBODY can inspect him and see he's not full+10 Omg ela we are not as stupid as you think we are, you have to go tell lies somewhere else in a kindergarten, kids may belive you over there so try your luck my OLD and GOOD friend And just to stay on topic, if that would be a fraud, why did it happened in the first place? I think you are looking for another word, because since everyone in china and russia see those prices the first time they open the miracle coin shop, without doing anything in any way, it clearly seems like those prices were supposed to be there.................... Unless someone hacked the game at international scale and that's very unlikely to believe xD
  14. Yes!!! Thank you! I didn't know how to say this so thank you!!!! And yes, thank you too, you just confirmed my theories about this @ELASIRI guy. Now once and for all can we close this topic?
  15. Omg this is the best line I've heard so far But so true. Locks are not totally invincible, if you play in a team and smart.
  16. I play necro lv18 and I can kill most locks lv18-20
  17. I have all your chars in my ignore, both mc and elf, so szya buddy!
  18. All the logic is there in my previous posts, you just need to understand it. Now I'm going to ignore you as I did in game. Have a nice day mister!
  19. Oh my god I love this!!!! I don't know how good it could be but it definitely sound as something and worths being tried!! If that's how's to work then I'm down for it 103%! Total support from me!!
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