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  1. 5 minutes ago, Winter said:

    Same can be said for shamans blind (i hate this), necro sleep and so forth with the range they have, this is about druids so i'll keep it there but there's a problem with all off those skills when against 1 or worse 2 of those classes you are turned into a puppet unable to evade the controlling effects or even move.

    Suggested before either make 'ranged' controlling effect skills adhere to the dodge parameter the same way every melee attack is affected by it and parry e.g. hamstring, merciless strike, blah blah and/or change those controlling effects of druid/priest/shaman/necro/etc to a shorter range (2 yards) so they are more defensive and not an offensive skill used from miles away that's cycled.

    They are ***ranged*** classes,it means they can root/stun or whatever from a distance...i would understand those 2 yards for a melee class but for ranged? Nah. Oh and dont make it even more worse for necromancers please,they are a piece of paper even at this very moment. Cheers!

  2. Hey everyone,i see many players at lvl 10 doing arenas,so,im curious what are the benefits for lvl 10 arena? Why people do it at that lvl?

  3. 13 hours ago, BennyBT said:

    This is awesome! I like it very much!


    Nah, just look at my creations that I post. Have nothing to do with WS.



    I have something, too:

    Handmade album cover for Imagine Dragons's new album, Evolve!


    Its amazing! :ah:

  4. Well it has nothing to do with the Warspear universe,but still is a drawing. Basically its a reminder for me that i still have the talent,but not a real motivation since i couldn't make it to the art high school. It was made in 2015. Maybe i will do something that has to do with Warspear too,but i need this "feeling to draw something",which i lost a long ago. 


  5. Hey guys,now that i was so lucky to win this competition i would like an advice on how to spend them wisely (miracle coins) my goal is to make gold,but im somehow addicted on opening the surprise chests and its kind of low chance on nice drops. :dizzy-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

  6. 20 minutes ago, Hamstring said:

    Charmer can hand warden butts :aggressive:


    But ya I think 1v1 is less of the concern as tanking large numbers of opponents is.. 


    And to think, warden is not 2 months old.. all players seeing how effective it is.. in war now with a small number of them it's some trouble but in the future when everyone has rushed out and created wardens? Seems like that could be problematic for legion ..


    Or it's simply that sentinel was gifted a class that excels defensively in war scenarios while legion was gifted the charmer stun machine to hold it and that we are in fact a bunch of whining nubs?





  7. 21 minutes ago, Raezer said:

    It would be nice indeed, but it has been suggested a lot of times, and the GMs already said that they won't put mounts in the game.

    Its sad to read this :hopeless:

  8. Hello everyone,like the tittle says i would like to suggest mounts to be added to the game,so we can travel a bit faster around. Would be nice :hmm:

  9. 26 minutes ago, Jzargo said:

    Every boss have different drop of level 9 equipments, some boss drop glove some boss drop helmet etc.

    Beside equipments, bosses can drop relics and craft materials and I think it have same drop rate.

    Thank you :biggrin:

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