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  1. At 21h45 GMT October 29, i purchased Miracle Coins by using a Viettel card costing 50.000VND in VietNam. It said that my purchasing was successful. Later, i got in game and found that i didnt recieve any Miracle Coins by purchasing. Please fix this, I really need that 1000 Miracle Coins right now. I bought Miracle Coins on this website: pay.mobiplay.vn/WarSpear

    My account: @gmail.com       My id numbers 
  2. in my point of view, i think "Call"  balance. although its quite strong in the beginning, but later in game its hard to grant the the beast more powerful and health still remain at 1500. on the other hand, "Call" is likely to make amateur player feel much easy to approach the game: they can complete quest faster, kill small boss themselve and then quickly go to map 2  where activities is more popular. moreover , this skill help those F2P to have their own minion, make them more confidence to face any difficulties(Tip: Call lesser the money used to repair items, not much but useful:biggrin:).

  3. On 6/2/2017 at 5:13 PM, FakeUser said:

    this class is really good, from its expert skills to its equipment, i recommend 5/5 on heal 5/5 on defense reduce 3/5 on damage skill, for expert, eye of darkness 4/4 it give 35% bonus armor and overworldly blessing at 4/4 for more durability it give 2% max hp 3% max mana and 8% block, overworldly fire will be also good but not needed as it have unlimited targets vs monsters

    for equipment maybe heave armor for solo dgs and bosses and cloth and staff for party support 

    charmer have great powers in the right hands 

    weakness- defensive reduction skill can be resisted by boss ! they always do that when i necromancer use deathly eyes:unsure:

  4. what's a pity. when they nefted the critical ability they should have add a bonus like"reduce this skill CD by 30-50% when an enemy is killed by this skill". it has 30 CDs . i thought i could use it to shut down those DKs , they heal insanely. now the dream is gone:cray:

  5. i thought it was quite different in Viet Nam. Because may 50000VND equal to 2.20$. in the other hand, 500000VND for 1000 Miracle coins is too enormous either for me or any Warspear player in Viet Nam. there must be a deal between our game releaser and yours so that the price could be OKAY. Thats all. i now just want to say "Thank you", Because this game' moderators work very seriously:good:

  6. Vào 4 giờ sáng CET, tôi đã mua 1000 Phép lạ Miracle theo phương thức thanh toán quốc gia của tôi. Tôi đã sử dụng thẻ mobifone 50000vnd để mua nhưng sau đó tôi đã chơi trò chơi và thấy tôi đã thêm 300miracle coind vào túi của mình. tại sao? Lần cuối tôi vẫn nhận được đồng xu 1.000miracle cho cùng một mua hàng. Xin vui lòng giải thích và cho tôi biết chi tiết. Cảm ơn. My character: gamerxyz; level 18; server RU-Amber.

  7. firstly, i want to ask about relics:

    1. if i equip a small relic at first then i equip a great one(same mechanic), will its replaced by a better one or i cant change my old relic ?

    2.i cant have two copies of relic in my relic option, can i? Ex: i equipped small relic of energy efficiency for my Holy shield. Therefore i cant equip that one for my Word of Power .Right?

    secondly, i want to ask how Harad's tears work with Relics like blood devourer, magic poison,..etc

    Suppose im fighting 3 monsters and i cast Harad'tears on 1 of them then the relic of blood devourer works out(harad's tears also falls on the others). Will i steal heal from two or even three of them by the relic?(also ask for other relics)

    Anyone has answers for my question. Please comment below.

    thanks very much.

  8. i mean the code needed to use to buy Miracle coins in other countries but US. Im in VietNam and i need it to access the payment

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